Bollywood News June 11- Malaika Arora Trolled for Sharing an Exotic Yoga Pose on Instagram


Bollywood News June 11– After posting some of her yoga pictures on her Instagram account, Bollywood actress and dancer Malaika Arora is being trolled heavily.

Well, this is not the first time that she has caused a big nuisance through her exotic photographs, she is being regularly facing huge aggression due to this in the past as well.

Malaika Arora posted one of her hot yoga poses on Instagram. As soon as she posted her picture, she was stared trolling heavily for that. Malaika is always known for posing her bold image either doing yoga or doing any other kind of exercise in the gym.

But the controversy gets started once she posts all her poses on social media. This is where the entire nuisance starts rising. As you see, this is not the first time that she is being trolled for her acts. She often comes in the limelight for one reason or the other.

Earlier, Malaika Arora was leading a happy married life with her ex husband Arbaaz Khan. But due to the compatibility issues with him, she decided to get the divorce from him.

Now, after getting separated from her husband, her name again started appearing in the headlines. This time, it was not due to posting any such photographs on social media.

It was due to her relationship with Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor. She was trolled heavily for the huge age difference between her and Arjun Kapoor. In fact, there were a few celebrities who started talking about this in the past.


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Bollywood News June 11- Malaika was trolled previously as well

Even now, both of them can be seen together. In spite of all this, they didn’t announce their forthcoming plans to get married or anything of that sort. For now, it looks like Malaika Arora is happy with her life where she wants to enjoy every bit of her life.

But the controversy starts coming in as soon as she posts anything on social media. In her present Instagram picture that looks way too exotic, she captions it as “Practice makes the man perfect. I’m still a work in progress.



As per Bollywood news June 11, users started bombarding the comment section of Malaika Arora after she posted her exotic pictures on her Instagram account.

Most of those comments were in bad taste. In fact, most of them shared highly irresponsible comments that were all in the bad taste.

Users started bombarding the comment section of Malaika Arora after she posted her exotic pictures on her Instagram account.

Instead, they should have appreciated her toned body. And this is what the whole idea was. Malaika shared her pictures to make people aware about keeping yourself fit.

Either you like going to a gym or like to do yoga, you just need to focus on your fitness. And this is the reason she had shared her exotic pictures to let everybody know that they too can achieve such a figure after doing some extensive yoga.

But all that happened was something unexpected. As soon as she posted all those pictures on her Instagram account, she was started trolling heavily.



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