Bigg Boss 12 Host Salman Khan Welcomes New Entrant Katrina Kaif

Bigg Boss 12 host
Bigg Boss 12 host

Bigg Boss 12 host– As per the recent updates, Bigg Boss 12 is soon going to have Katrina Kaif who will join Salman Khan to host the television show. The new season will be quite different as the audience will witness ‘couples’ in the form of contestants.


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We have always seen Salman Khan hosting the show on earlier occasions. But this time, Katrina will also be seen with Salman Khan to organize the mega event.


Bigg Boss 12 host
Bigg Boss 12 host | Image Credit: Bollyworm


With the changes as announced, Bigg Boss is surely going to be much spicier this time, as the organizers are looking forward to include couples instead of single participants.

Bigg Boss 12 Host- Everyone excited to watch the chemistry between Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif


The information about the participation of couples in the entirely new season of Bigg Boss was already given by the former Bigg Boss participant Vikas Gupta.

The show has a history to help contestants participating in their most unique style. All the contestants are locked inside the Bigg Bose house before doing anything else.


Bigg Boss 12 host
Bigg Boss 12 host | Image Credit: Mid-Day


Bigg Boss show was first organized in the year 2006 and since then, a number of personalities from different arena have participated in the show. It included television stars, politicians, sports personalities and many others.


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But the trend was changed from last 2 seasons where all the restrictions were pulled off and the doors were opened for ‘commoners‘.

But Bigg Boss season 12 is going to have an altogether new experience where the audience will witness couples as contestants in the mega show.


Bigg Boss 12 audition has started


The Bigg Boss 12 auditions have begun. The most popular television show will start this year (2018) in the month of October. The actual dates have yet not been finalized though.

Earlier, there was much speculation that if Salman Khan is ready to host the show again. But no more surprises for now, as everything is quite clear and precise. The star actor will host the show along with Katrina.


Bigg Boss 12 host
Bigg Boss 12 host | Image Credit: YouTube


Vikas Gupta, who is the former Bigg Boss contestant, also looked skeptical about the Bigg Boss 12 host. However, it seems that everything has been settled for now. This time too, Salman Khan will host the new season and will Katrina Kaif.

On the issue of couples appearing as contestants, he said “I can’t say right now if couples are being included for the first time as contestants.

I just have an indication that the Bigg Boss season 12 will have pairs in the form of son-mother, or brother-sister. It is going to be exciting to watch two people who already know each other. And there will be much fun for sure.”

Bigg Boss 12 host
Bigg Boss 12 host | Image Credit: YouTube


As Katrina has also joined as Bigg Boss 12 host, it would be interesting to watch. Apart from that, you will also witness how couples look forward to play the game. Like if they wish to save their relationship or just focus towards the show.


Stay tuned for more updates.