‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ Mints Rs. 13.22 Crore At Box Office

box office

The movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” has not only been released safely, but now also started creating ripples among filmmaker’s hearts regarding its first day box office collections. The film was already surrounded by controversies all around.

As per the reviews pouring in, the film was not appreciated much due to the lack of a strong story line but still it managed to mint over Rs. 13 Crore on its opening day. The film is supported by a leading Bollywood star cast including Ranbir Kapoor, Fawad Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Anushka Sharma, and was released this Friday, ahead of Diwali despite protests.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the movie was screened to almost 3000 screens across India and was still able to collect a whopping 13 Crore on the opening day itself. All the filmmakers now say that they’re humbled and overwhelmed to see the kind of response from the people. They have given their appreciations and we welcome Karan Johar for creating a history yet again!

He’s the one who directed the film under his own production team. Everyone said that he has become the master of creating such kind of films. On the occasion, Karan spotted saying the film is produced to celebrate love on the occasion of Diwali. This seems quite evident by looking the outstanding love and blessings from the audience. Vijay Singh, who’s the CEO ‘Fox Star Studios presented his views.

Entire Bollywood fraternity is thrilled with a whopping box office collection on the opening day

The entire filmmakers were spotted, presenting their views on the performance of the film “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”. They unanimously said that it’s Karan Johar’s one of the best Diwali release at the box office. The movie is quite a unique creation and the story looks bold and beautiful.

box office

It would steadily become the comfortable winner at the box office. However, there were reports of demonstrations outside a cinema hall against the release of the film in ‘Purulia’ district of West Bengal on Friday. They were protesting against the release of the film. Not only this, a number of Hindu group agitators also came forward to register their demonstration against the release of the film. But the theatre owners decided to continue screening of the film without taking care of their protests.

Regarding the recent threat from a number of activists from COEAI (Cinema Owners Exhibitors Association Of India), MNS had also warned that they won’t let the film release in India with Pakistani artists. After that the entire Bollywood decided to settle the matter.

They (Karan Johar, Mukesh Bhatt) met with Raj Thackeray (MNS President) and Maha Chief Minister to settle the issue.