Abhishek Nigam Comes to Rescue Jannat Zubair- See Insights

abhishek nigam jannat zubair

It’s been coming on social media and everywhere else that eve teasing cases are becoming a big hazard to the society. But nobody is able to control them.

This is how you come across ever teasing cases while travelling, going alone, in the market and almost everywhere.

The term eve teasing is constantly rising with the passage of time. And nobody is protected with such a menace.

Even film celebrities have all the reasons to fear with the growing menace of eve teasing as soon as they hear about such cases happening in the open.

The latest video is shared by Jannat Zubair on the above topic where it also stars Abhishek Nigam. He’s the brother of Siddharth Nigam who is an established television personality.

The video clip made by Jannat Zubair showcases how Abhishek suddenly arrives to her rescue.

If you look at the video, you will get to know what all it has for the audience. It starts with a few guys following her.


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Thanks for the save? @theabhisheknigam

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Soon afterwards, Abhishek comes in to rescue her. In the video, it clearly depicts how Jannat Zubair is frightened and is also crying after Abhishek finally comes in and rescues her.

In the end, Jannat thanks him for all his support and also giving her protection that was really required at the very moment.