The Amityville Horror

Ryan Reynolds Shines in 2005 Amityville Horror Film

The story of The Amityville Horror film (released in 2005) revolves around a newly married couple- ‘Kathy and George Lutz’ along with their three children. Soon after their marriage, they move into their majestic and beautiful brand new home in Amityville, New York. As they move in with pride, they discover some strange and demonic […]

horror movie

The Horror of Party Beach- A 1963 Horror Movie Review

The movie ‘The Horror of Party Beach’ is a December 1963 released film, stuffed with every single ingredient that is needed to make it worth watching. In this horror movie, you can find all kinds of peculiar characters like rubber creatures (better be called as monsters), numerous biker gangs, lots of rock and roll numbers, […]


Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula- Full Movie Review

Albeit, the movie didn’t initially release in theatres, still it was successful creating the actual portrait of traditional and horrific Dracula in the year 2000. This small budget movie could have become like Francis Coppola’s Dracula, if it had been sanctioned a bigger budget or perhaps somebody else in place of ‘Jane March’ had played […]

upcoming horror movie 2016

Upcoming Horror Movie 2016- “31′ Is Bloody And Unintentionally Relevant to Watch

Before we discuss the upcoming horror movie 2016, let’s present you its synopsis. The whole idea that floats behind the movie is based on missing people during Halloween. The film is directed by Zombie who himself tries to create stories about Halloween, in particular. The plot says as many as five carnies are trapped by a […]

piece of art

PHANTASM: REMASTERED is Extremely Gory & Stunning Piece of Art

‘Phantism Remastered’, a horror movie looks extremely gory with an stunning piece of art. However, if you look at the original remastered classic, released over 37 years ago, it shows the tale of two brothers who at a point of time discovers a legion of killers who look hooded and dwarf, a flying drill ball, […]


Upcoming Horror Movies in 2016

 Before we update you with upcoming horror movies, let’s take a look at why this kind of genre has almost stopped exploring new  The era we live in sometimes elicit an uncommon level of anticipation due to a plethora of upcoming horror movies. The basic idea that we are trying to explore here is to find […]

thriller movie

Don’t Breathe-Good Thriller Movie with Mystery & Jarring Twists

Do you remember the year 2013, when the fans witnessed a good thriller movie -“Evil Dead”, going into a tizzy after an unknown artist from Uruguay knocked the box office with his remake of Cult Classic (by Sam Raimi)? Well, if Alvarez had produced the movie (Don’t Breathe) in the beginning, instead of Evil Dead, […]