Tina Datta Opens Up About Her Abusive Relationship

tina dutta

Do you remember Tina Dutta? Well, we’re talking about the TV actress who gained her popularity by acting in some of the leading TV shows including Uttaran where she played the role of Ichcha Veer Singh Bundela.

Not only that, the actress has also participated in the popular show Fear Factor as well. Now, apart from acting in a plethora of TV serials and other shows, she is currently working in Daayan and playing the role of Jaanvi Chaudhry.

If we have to discuss the real life of TV actress Tina Dutta, then everything is not going well right at the moment.


tina dutta


As per the recent inputs in this regard, the actress has been going through abusive relationship with her current life partner. And therefore, she is looking to have someone who is not from the entertainment industry.

As we stated above that she had an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, she eventually had to face the break up with her present boyfriend. This made her go into a depression.

This is what the Uttaran actress has to say, “After having to face all this, I have decided to only focus on my life now. At this point of time, I would appreciate settling down in my life again but need to find someone who is the right person for me. At the same time, I would like to settle down in life with someone who does not belong to the entertainment industry.”

With all that that currently happened with her, she had absolutely no control over it. She disclosed, “In my current relationship so far, I easily trusted people that made me go into a depression. I had to remain unhappy all the time and at times, shut myself in the make-up van and cried there.”

This way, the actress continued to speak more about her past relationship and cried all the time. “I didn’t realize that I was going blinded in love and even allowed him to go with anyway he wished to treat me. But this was not done for me as I believe that if someone raises hand on you, then he is not the right person for you.”

When asked what she is looking in her new life partner, Tina said, “the person should be loyal to me and should be a nice person and respect people unconditionally.” Tina said.

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