Shahid Kapoor Upset With Rangoon Box Office Performance

Rangoon box office performance

Shahid Kapoor doesn’t seem okay with Rangoon box office performance till now.

The star actor presented his feelings during an interaction with Journalists.

He said that it looks too bad when my films don’t perform at the box office. Well, we can understand the reason behind his feeling.

In general, it takes lots of resources to produce and act in a film. But no one knows if it’s going to be a hit or a flop. It’s the audience who has to decide about the fate of the film.


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Ever since Shahid Kapoor entered into the biz world, he was appreciated all over by his performance.

However, it took ample of time for the actor to settle down in the industry.

But for the last one year, Shahid Kapoor has not only managed to win the trust of his audience but also proved his worth.

For example, the performance of Shahid in Udta Punjab has earned him a plethora of awards and recognition for his role in the film.

But it seems that the success for him has taken a halt for the time being, especially after giving two back-to-back hits in the form of Haider and Udta Punjab.

Rangoon box office performance – the star actor has only one word to say- ‘Shitty’

Like any other actor, Shahid Kapoor doesn’t feel good if his films are not doing well at the box office.

And that’s what happened lately when one of his recent films Rangoon almost flipped.

Someone struck hard on Shahid about how does he feel when his films are not doing well, keeping all your recognition aside. He didn’t say much apart writing one word- “Shitty“. We only hope the film do better in the coming time.

In the past, Kareena Kapoor, who’s now back to work, had reviewed the film and expected it to become a mega hit of the year.

But Rangoon almost failed to gain the audience trust in spite of the presence of a number of talented actors. The movie was released on February 24, 2017 though.