Parthiban’s ‘Otha Seruppu’ Gets Selected for Golden Globe Awards

Otha Seruppu

Tamil movies have always been an inspiring platform for other genres. This is the reason why you can see so many movies (in other languages) are being made either in Bollywood or any other entertainment industry.

Recently, a few Tamil movies were selected for the most prestigious Golden Globe awards. One of them is Otha Seruppu and the other one is Tolet.

As far as the first movie is concerned, Parthiban has not only directed this film but has also starred as well. Otha Seruppu was released on September 20, 2019.

Even before the release of Otha Seruppu, it managed to receive some mixed reviews from the audiences. And perhaps this is the reason why this film has been selected for the Golden Globe Awards.


Tamil Movies Otha Seruppu & Tolet Selected for the Prestigious Awards


As per the latest Bollywood news, Parthiban even made his best efforts to get an Oscar for this film. For that, he even sent the film’s name for the Oscar nominations.


Otha Seruppu


But to his surprise, another film titled Gully Boy was selected for the same. Now, it’s being reported that Parthiban is trying to send the film directly for the Oscar nomination.

On the other hand, if you take a look at the number of Tamil movies included to receive the Golden Globe Awards this year, only two are selected out of the 92 foreign language films that are taken.

Among the list of selected films, Tolet and Otha Seruppu are two Tamil movies that have been included along with 90 films of other languages.