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Moana movie review
Moana movie review | Image Credit: YouTube

Moana movie review– Disney is coming again to present you with an unforgettable cinematic experience.

After Zootopia, Disney brings you a tale of a princess- ‘Moana’, who happens to be the first Polynesian princess and strong-willed daughter of a famous Polynesian tribe.

He’s the chief of the tribe who has been chosen by the ocean itself. It’s primarily done for the sake of reunion of a mystical relic with a goddess.

Whenever a blight (scourge) attacks the island, the princess leaves and sails in search of Maui (a kind of legendary demigod). It’s done to save people of the island and also to listen to their true calling.


Moana movie review- Moana is a real adventure in paradise

Do you know what’s different about the story of Moana, especially when we have already gone through the tales of most diverse princess like Ponachatas, Mulan and Jasmine? Well, she seems brilliant, real and extremely courageous.

This is where it creates a difference to other Disney princess who’re not like her. Moana looks entirely different towards her approach in spite of being young and courageous.

The film has a good story plot as well, which is enough to keep you hooked all the time.

She’s not only caring, but also quite sarcastic and quirky in nature. The film, beyond doubt is one of the best presentations from Disney.

It has all the capabilities to sway you with all the love and emotions and leaves you happy in the end.


Moana Movie Review

Moana is the creation of famous Walt Disney Animation Studios. Disney presents you a creative and CG-animated film about a teenager who looks so adventurous and leaves no stone unturned to save her people’s lives while she sails out on a dangerous mission.

Average Rating: 4.4/5

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Moana Movie Review By IMDB

Moana movie review by IMDB – It’s the story of ancient Polynesia that starts when a devastating curse that happens with Maui, eventually reaches to the daughter of the Polynesia chief island. Now, she has to answer the oceanic call to set everything normal with the help of demigod.

Average Rating: 8.1/10

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Moana Movie Review By Times of India

Story plot- It shows the slow but steady destruction of the ancient Polynesian islands. Moana who’s the Polynesian chief daughter has to locate Maui to set everything back on track.

Average Rating: 3.9/5

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Moana Movie Review by Audience-

Almost all the critics and majority of audience call the film an absolute delight. Audiences like most lively and stunning visuals that looks so real. They also find the film narratively engaging. We have some tweets that show the film is being loved by moviegoers. Have a look-

Tomska @thetomska

Moana is a cute movie with likeable characters and an unforgettable soundtrack. Shall give ir brave out of 10.

Rica Diaz @wwofmoi

Moana is such an adventurous and fun movie. I was busy listening to the soundtrack throughout the day.

cole @Chloebetorio

The movie Moana seems so adorable

dickie ferriols @tweetienidckie

You know, Disney writers are the best and every presentation from Disney is a different experience.


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