Leonardo DiCaprio GF Camila Morrone Thrashed Critics for Commenting on their Relationship

Camila Morrone


Camila Morrone, the girlfriend of famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCarpio thrashed at all the haters who commented on their relationship in their bad taste.

Both Leonardo and Camila have been receiving loads of flak over their 22 years difference or age gap. It’s reported that Camila finally decided to thrash them finally to stop commenting bad on their relationship.

Camila is a 22 year old Hollywood actress who has been dating the 42 year old Leonardo for more than a year. The conflict started after haters started commenting on their 22 years age gap.

After receiving so much of flak on their relationship, Camila finally decided to speak out against such kind of hate, especially after she successfully posted pictures of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to her Instagram account.

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A love like this

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She posted the picture after adding the caption “A love like this,” trying to compare herself to none other than Bacall.

Now, take a look at what one of the commentators had to say, “It’s highly unbelievable the kind of dork she is busy posting like this.”

Another person wrote, “It’s quite obv a comparison between Leo and her. Girl, where all your friends gone? Somebody stop her please.” Another one wrote something like this, “Your relation with DiCarpio will be over when you’re 25.”

As it looked, most commenters had to say that DiCarpio would soon dump her even before she turned 25. At this point, Camila could not digest all those comments right from the hater’s desks and decided to hit them back with her reply that said “Good morning people and happy Friday to all of you. Just gone through some of your comments on my Instagram handle that are written with bad taste and anger that I can’t believe. I’d say people know nothing about.”

She further said “I only hope this Friday that you guys better learn to live your own lives with a little less hatred and try to place both their interest and time elsewhere. It’s simply because living without hatred obviously feels pretty good.”

Although, the comments can’t be marked hatred, Morrone also had loads of supporters as well who actually stood in support for her urging her not to listen to all the negativity out there.

Leonardo Camila Haters

For example, one fan wrote something like this “Love whom you love apologetically and wholeheartedly as you can’t afford to go wrong with this!” In fact, there were many who supported her whole hardheartedly as well.


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