TikTok Star Jannat Zubair Clarifies About the Coronavirus Safety

jannat zubair rahmani on coronavirus

Here’s the message from Jannat Zubair Rahmani about Corona virus who is a well known Tik Tok star.

In her message shared by Jannat, she is load and clear about what she wants to convey.

Jannat shared her message on You Tube asking her fans and general public to stay away from the deadly contamination of corona virus.

As you might be ware that China is the first country to have suffered from the attack of corona virus.

It’s actually from where the virus has spread to India. And therefore, Jannat Zubair decided to convey a well deserving message for the wide interest of general public to stay away from the attack of the virus.

In fact, you would find most of the Bollywood celebrities are together on this matter as they unanimously have to appeal from the public to make preventive measures from the infection of this virus.

Right after Sunny Leone, widely known television actress and a noted Tik Tok star Jannat Zubair Rahmani took to her Instagram handle and shared her message stating people to stay away from the attack of corona virus.



In response to the growing attack of corona virus, Jannat Zubair decided to take her Instagram handle and posted a number of messages that says to keep yourself away from the attack of the deadly virus.

The actress Jannat Zubair often surprises her millions of fans by her stunning pictures on different social media channels.

This time, her fans were really looking forward to hear from their most followed actress to speak a few words on the recent attack of the corona virus.

So far, the attack of corona virus has affected people living in as many as 15 countries including India.

As per W.H.O (World Health Organisation), the most common symptoms of corona virus infected person include cough, fever and breathing problems.


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