Escape Plan 2 Hades Cast, Poster, Release Date and Plot

escape plan 2 hades cast

Escape Plan 2 Hades cast- The C. Miller directed film Escape Plan 2 Hades has already been released on the box office. Now, the fans seem quite eager to wait for Escape Plan 3.


escape plan 2 hades cast
escape plan 2 hades cast

Escape Plan 2 Hades is a purely action flick directed by none other than Steven Miller and is the sequel of 2013 released film Escape Plan. The film primarily features both Sylvester Stallone and Curtis who are seen reprising their roles in the second installment.


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Apart from Stallone, others who lead their roles in the film are Huang Xiaoming. Dave Bautista, Titus Welliver, Wes Chatham and Jesse Metcalfe.

escape plan 2 hades cast
escape plan 2 hades cast

One of the most peculiar things about Hades is that its sequel (Hades Plan 3) is going to release soon despite the movie’s failure at the box office.

Well, this is quite evident by looking at the figures that say that the film originally grossed almost $14 million against the overall production cost of just $20 million.


Movie Name:                     Escape Plan 2: Hades
Genre:                                    Action
Released Date:                  June 29, 2018 
Directed By:                       Steven C. Miller
Written By:                        Miles Chapman
Casts:                                   Dave Bautista, Sylvester Stallone, Jaime King

As we just said that Escape plan 3 is soon to be released even after the failure of Hades, Please take a look at Escape Plan 2 Hades cast in the next part that will be released this year.

Now, please look at the entire Escape Plan 2 Hades cast below-

Escape Plan 2 Hades cast-

  • Dave Bautista, playing the role of Trent DeRosa, who happens to be the former associate of Breslin securitySylvester Stallone featuring as Ray Breslin
  • Huang Xiaoming featuring as Shu Ren, who’s seen as the protege of Breslin
  • Jesse Metcalfe featuring as Luke Graves, who is seen as the protege of Breslin
  • Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson featuring none other than as Hush, who is a serious computer hacker working for BreslinWes
  • Chatham, featuring as Jaspar Kimbral, who happens to be the Breslin former protégé who has just turned warden of hades
  • Jaime King featuring as Abigail Ross, who is seen working at the breslin security
  • Titus Welliver featuring as Gregor Faust of hades
  • Shea Buckner featuring as Larry
  • Tyron Woodley featuring as Akala
  • Pete Wentz featuring none other than Bug

Now, before we move ahead, please take a look at Escape Plan 2 Hades plot-


Escape Plan 2 Hades plot

Escape Plan 2 Hades shows how Ray Breslin decides to start up a security company of his own soon after he escapes The Tomb in the first installment.

This is the time when he decides to start a security company partnering with none other than Abigail and Hush who work with him on the position of senior staff members. Later, they recruit Luke, Shu Ren and Jasper Kimbral on the position of field operatives.


escape plan 2 hades cast
escape plan 2 hades cast

The film later shows how Kimbral succeeds in breaking the unity at the time of hostage rescue operation in Chechnya. He breaks the unity as he simply wishes to rely on a computer algorithm just to complete the mission.

While undergoing all this activity, it starts rising complexity that further results in a female hostage ending lives from stray gunfire. The film later shows how Kimbral gets fired from his own team simply due to the botched outcome of the entire rescue mission.

After a gap of one long year, Shu is approached by none other than one of his family members to protect Yusheng from Ruscho, who is better regarded as the technology giant. He tries every measure to purchase Yusheng’s technology. There are some masked men who take entry at Yusheng get together in Bangkok.


escape plan 2 hades cast
escape plan 2 hades cast

At this time, it shows how Shu beats them all using his fighting brains. But the fight ends up in vain for him as the masked men manage to shoot him using their electric guns and even knocks him unconscious.

Escape Plan 2 Hades cast- Audience seem quite eager to wait for the 3rd installment

After their interaction gets over, he regains his consciousness and finds himself in prison. At this time, he is asked to have another interaction with one of the prison inmates – Akala.

Meanwhile, all three of them including Hush, Breslin and Luke look for Shu only in the outside world soon after he disappears with Yusheng. At the time of returning back into his cell, Shu manages to spot Kimbral who is very much present inside the prison.

At this time, she recalls all her earned knowledge captured from Breslin, Shu decides to plan how to break out of the prison.

Hades later shows how Shu meets with none other than Gregor Faust who is nicknamed as “The Zookeeper” who simply calls the prison nothing more than a Zoo. He later informs the Shu that his cousin has managed to give up his all time new patent technology along with all his details and specs.

At this time, they want his 2nd patent. But Yusheng does not seem interested in giving them with the same. Now, the Zookeeper asks Shu to help him for the sake of retrieving his most crucial second patent.

Now, as soon as Shu enquires from Yusheng about all the mystery of these patents, he comes to know the fact that his 2nd patent is way too dangerous as compared to the first one, especially if it goes into the wrong hands.

This is because his 2nd patent can be controlled by anyone using its easy to use technology.

In fact, anyone can use them and simply shuts down all the technology used and can even launch nuclear weapons too.

What is HADES?

This is when Shu decides to meet with none other than Kimbral who discloses that all of them are in HADES, better known as High Asset DEtention Service prison that has been built on a strong technology.


escape plan 2 hades cast
escape plan 2 hades cast


Breslin comes to know that Yusheng and Shu are both entered in HADES. Also, its funded by a plenty of mysterious group that were responsible for the Tomb.

It shows how Breslin asks for help from one of his acquaintance named Trent DeRosa while Luke simply gets placed in the HADES prison.

At this time, Shu tries to gather information regarding the prison layout. But he gets entrapped into much complication.

But as soon as he tries to gather more information and finally learns that they shift prison each and every night, he simply gives up all his hopes about the actual layout of the prison.


However, he is suggested by Kimbral that one of his inmates Legions can widely help him. He’s  ready to help him only if he manages to find the one who’s the head of all 3 people.

This is the time when Shu decides to befriend him and starts questioning Count Zero for the specific SPADES layout plan.

The next day, it shows how Luke, Kimbral and Shu are together in the control chamber. It also shows how they are tied to chairs and are forced to watch through a big monitor. The drama continues as soon as Count Zero is taken by the prison guards.