Deepika Padukone Hollywood- Not Fascinated With Hollywood But Creativity

deepika padukone hollywood

Deepika Padukone Hollywood dreams for now seems out of question. The queen of Bollywood says she’s no more interested doing any Hollywood projects. When asked about what fascinates her about Hollywood, then the actress has to say that it’s not the charm but the creativity that entices her most.

When it comes to Hollywood, Deepika Padukone’s intentions are quite clear. Whether it’s hateful messages coming her way or people trolling her down by demeaning her fashion statement, it seems there is almost nothing that can pull down the hot and dashing Bollywood siren.

Well, she’s at her best and is expected to continue the mayhem. She has just completed the photo shoot for the famous Cannes, Deepika is heading for yet another magazine cover titled Queen of Bollywood.

deepika padukone hollywood
deepika padukone hollywood | Image Credit: indianexpress

Do you feel Deepika’s presence on the cover of the Stardust magazine? Well, she’s right there on the cover page of the famous entertainment magazine and also looks elegant and stylish in her ultimate black and white striped dress designed for the occasion.

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You might be thinking about Deepika Padukone Hollywood projects or if there are any. But as per the Padmavati actress’s message given on a social media channel, the star actress is no more charmed by Hollywood but with creativity.

She has recently completed an overseas project with Vin Diesel and had to answer questions profusely regarding her xXx: Return of Xander Cage movie. One of the questions she was asked was about her plans to shift to Hollywood like Priyanka Chopra, who is also going on in the same direction. For Priyanka, she’s now coming up with her new and refreshing Hollywood television series- Baywatch.

Deepika Padukone Hollywood- The actress is well aware of her roots and loves creativity of Hollywood projects

Deepika Padukone recently shared her views while speaking to IANS and said “I’m already aware about where I belong to along with my roots. And that’s why nothing is going to change for me. I look at things, (especially Hollywood), nothing more than an extension of my ability and creativity.

deepika padukone hollywood
deepika padukone hollywood | Image Credit:

Well, this also proves my ability to work in an entirely different environment along with a different cast and races of people altogether giving me the right exposure”.

Deepika Hollywood projects are not on the cards right now. However, when it comes to photo shoots, the sizzling beauty knows how to be like a Queen. She has also completed her shoots with L’oreal and Twitterati. In all these shoots, the actress looked astonishing like ever. Now, all her fans are waiting for May 17 when she will walk the red carpet in Cannes festival.

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