Captain Marvel 2 to Officially Release in 2022 for Round 2!

captain marvel

Captain Marvel 2: Although, Captain Marvel 2 has been announced, it will come with a lot many changes.

This time, Carol Danvers is looking to create a landmark by making the sequel in a different way. As per the sources, Captain Marvel 2 is going to have a female director.

After the news of the sequel broke, everybody looked excited and broke their silence and registered their excitement on Twitter. In short, almost every other fan of Carol Danvers looks excited.



This time, the sequel to Captain Marvel is expected to return with a slight twist. The first instalment of the film was directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden.

But sources say that Fleck is no longer accompanying Boden. It looks now that Boden has to direct the film alone.



By looking at the circumstances, it feels like a woman won’t be able to direct a superhero film on her own.

And she needs someone to support her. Well, for now, it looks like Boden is going to manage all.



But again, there are some suspicions as things might not be the same as they were on previous occasions.

Other than that, the audience would expect her to create a better film as she has previously done the same task on many occasions successfully.



So, as the sequel to the franchise Captain Marvel is in the pipeline, most Twitter users are screaming about it.

It’s because it is looking both exciting and upsetting to them. Speaking technically, the original Captain Marvel witnessed a billion dollar mark that wooed the audience to a level that its sequel is all being invited.



Most Twitter users had a mix of reactions as soon as they got the news of Captain Marvel is coming back.

There was loads of tweets started collecting within a short time frame. But overall, it again looks like that the consensus is that most of them are happy to see more Captain Danvers!


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