Anupam Kher to Play Accidental Prime Minister Manmohan Singh In His Biopic

accidental Prime Minister

The character of the accidental Prime Minister is going to cast in Manmohan Singh’s biopic and the role has been given to none other than Anupam Kher.

Anupam Kher has to play the role of Manmohan Singh in his biopic.

The film will be based on the controversial book in 2014 by Sanjaya Baru. He wrote the book titled-‘The Accidental Prime Minister- The unmaking and making of Manmohan Singh’.

Before asserting any further, let’s put forth a question: Do you remember the year 2014 when a book by Sanjay Baru managed to create a storm in politics?

Well, by recollecting our memories, we can say that the book not only proved controversial, but also explained the way in which UPA (United Progressive Alliance) behaved during its governance in the first term.

accidental Prime Minister
accidental Prime Minister | Image Credit: The Quint

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Probably, this is where the makers got an idea to take that all onto the big screen. Albeit, everything is currently under development stage but we will come forth most of the developments in the time to come.

The first look of the biopic looks all set to be unveiled not before Wednesday. Also, the filmmakers think that it’s nothing more than political drama than award winning ‘Gandhi’

Our accidental prime minister didn’t bother to project his image forward

The upcoming biopic will see Anupam, playing the much sought titular role and is being scripted by none other than Hansal Mehta. If you remember those days, it was revealed that Manmohan Singh (as a Prime Minister) was not given complete freedom to run PMO (Prime Minister Office) and had no choice but to ignore the corruption plaguing Congress as a whole. But we need to see how many revelations actually become a part of the film.

accidental Prime Minister
accidental Prime Minister | Image Credit: Writing Cave

Well, before the film’s first look gets revealed, we would like to present a refresher in front of you in the form of 4 big revelations by none other than the original author- Sanjay Baru that movie fans like to include in the making of Manmohan Singh biopic.

Manmohan Singh continued to ignore the corruption in the Congress party

As per Sanjay Baru, our accidental prime minister, Manmohan looked honest, but he couldn’t do much to prevent corruption within the party. He looked incorruptible, but at the same time, also ensured that he and his immediate family members didn’t come under fire. In real terms, he maintained to act like a blind person to all the misdeeds of his ministers.

Manmohan gave all credit of his work to Rahul Gandhi and didn’t bother to project his image forward to extending MGNREGA

As the entire congress party wanted to give the credit for Mgnrega to Rahul Gandhi and his family only helped to embarrass the family. Baru said “when I tried to involve and correct the entire impression, I myself found in a spot of trouble.”

Manmohan, the accidental prime minister never wanted to become more popular than Sonia Gandhi

accidental Prime Minister
accidental Prime Minister | Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

As per Sanjaya, Manmohan looked completely relieved when a media channel claimed that he was far less popular than Sonia Gandhi.

Pranab Mukarji would always forget to brief him for his forthcoming meetings

Well, you might find this awkward that after returning from the US, Pranab didn’t brief the PM for as many as 3 days. Instead, he had gone to meet Sonia Gandhi, but didn’t bother to take an appointment with Dr Singh.

Well, can you believe this lack of working when the accidental Prime Minister is not briefed immediately after returning from a foreign trip by the foreign minister? This clearly states who is running the government.