Angela Bassett Says It’s A Great Deal to Play An Animated Black woman

Angela s

Angela s

Are you one of the Angela Bassett fans? If yes, then you might be interested knowing about her latest advances in her life and other movies. Bassett is a well established actress, producer, director and activists who often come alive in movies posing different roles.

However, she is known for her memorable roles in biographical films. One of the most memorable ones is when she played the character of Tina Turner in the biopic titled What’s Love Got to Do with It (1993).

Angela Bassett is also remembered for her spectacular performance in American Horror Story.

Even after a gap of 27 years, she’s still known for her performance in that film as she was nominated for the most prestigious Academy Awards in the category of best actress.

As per the latest reports pouring in, the actress says that it’s crucial for people of color who come forth in the business of producing or enacting animated stories as they should understand there is a diverse humanity still spotted out there.

This is what she posted, “There aren’t many,”. She said on the issue of lack of Black Women on screen.

Angela Bassett took to her Instagram account and posted, “I’ve been fortunate enough to portray, maybe, a handful of them. It means a great deal. The more and more we get these stories and these images and opportunities out there (the better). We think animation is usually for the youngsters, but families are also taking. So, it just starts early with these images and this idea that (they get to know) that it’s a vast and diverse humanity. I think it’s a great thing,” She stated.

The last time Angela Bassett appeared in the animated film ‘Soul’. The other leading character in this film was played by Jamie Foxx.

Soul was directed by Kemp Powers and Pete Docter that revolves around Joe Gardner who’s basically a school teacher in a middle school. The film shows how he is able to find his true calling. Soul was released on various digital platforms on December 25, 2020.


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