Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 That Are Going to Scare You the Most

Before we present you with upcoming horror movies 2017, please take a note that present year has it all for you. You will come across with all kinds of horror flicks you can imagine.

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We have the collection of all kinds of upcoming horror movies that are going to be screened this year. They include scary visceral fare, new and intriguing horror remakes and other nightmares that you would have never imagined.

Upcoming Horror Movies 2017

Take a look at some of the most thunderous and exciting upcoming horror movies 2017.




Movie Info- It’s one of the upcoming horror movies 2017 to be released in Feb. The story of this psychological thriller revolves around a young and ambitious executive who’s sent for a mission to pock his CEO from a wellness center located in the Swiss Alps.

He soon becomes suspicious by looking at the spa’s miraculous and unidentified treatments. As soon as he tries to find out the horrifying secrets, he himself gets entrapped with the same unidentified illness.



Movie Info- XX is one of the upcoming horror movies 2017. The story of this film is based on horror anthology and feature as many as 4 dark tales.




Movie Info- Justine happens to be a brilliant student at the age of 16, starting her career from a veterinary school. After she starts her education, she starts experiencing a merciless, decadent seductive world.

She even tries eating raw meat for the first time to honor her family values. But Justin soon faces some unexpected and terrible consequences.





Movie Info- It’s an upcoming 2017 horror movie to be released in June, 2017.





Movie Info-  The Dark Tower is based on highly narrative tale from none other than Stephan King.

The story-line reflects garnering buzz for its magnificent talent. The film casts some of the greatest artists of all time including Nikolaj Arcel, directing along with Matthew McConaughey, the man in black.





Movie Info-  The movie revolves around a couple who’s grieving the demise of their daughter.

But in the later part, the film shows how the family gets terrorized by a creepy doll Annabelle. This time, you can bet the tension mounting over the head.





Movie Info-  It is one of the upcoming horror movies 2017. The movie is actually an adaptation of the 1986 novel by Stephen King. The movie is based on supernatural horror.

The story revolves around 7 children traumatized by some dancing clowns. The story narrates about these clowns who attract the children as their prey.