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Jawan Box Office On National Cinema Day: Shah Rukh Starrer Gets An Increase In Shows With Almost 1 Lakh Tickets Sold Already

Jawan Box Office On National Cinema Day

At the moment, Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan is going strong at the box office, especially on the occasion of National Cinema Day.



Over a month ago since the release the release of Jawan, it looks like the momentum of Shah Rukh Khan’s starrer shows no signs of slowing down.

National Cinema Day 2023 has proven to be a blessing for this action-packed entertainer, especially considering the presence of several other releases currently running in theaters.

This significant occasion is expected to provide a substantial boost to the film’s box office performance, and early indications are already quite promising. 

Shah Rukh’s Jawan has been directed by the South ace director Atlee. The film has now proven to be a massive hit with the masses and is relishing substantial repeat viewings in theaters.

With Jawan box office numbers are going strong, the upcoming National Cinema Day on October 13, 2023, is poised to give the box office numbers a noticeable boost.

Since ticket prices are reduced nationwide on this special day, while the growth in collections may not reach extraordinary heights, it will undeniably contribute to attracting a substantial number of moviegoers to theaters. National Cinema Day is expected to further solidify the film’s success at the box office.


Jawan Box Office On National Cinema Day: Shah Rukh Starrer Gets An Increase In Shows With Almost 1 Lakh Tickets Sold Already

For those who may not be aware, on National Cinema Day, ticket prices for all films being screened in theaters nationwide are set at a budget-friendly 99 rupees.

As per reports, all theaters are participating in this special celebration, and the 99-rupee rate is specifically for 2D showings. There are discounted rates available for 3D, IMAX, and 4DX, although they are not as low as 99 rupees.

The film “Jawan” is reaping the full benefits of these reduced rates. According to trade reports, “Jawan” has already sold approximately 100,000 tickets across the country, including both advance bookings in National Cinema Chains and other theaters.

The response in advance ticket sales has been substantial, and in anticipation of a significant turnout on National Cinema Day, exhibitors have increased the number of showings all over the country.

In the Delhi-NCR region, many shows are already showing “houseful” signs, and this trend is expected to continue or even improve throughout the country on the occasion of National Cinema Day, as audiences take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy “Jawan” at these lower ticket rates.

The box office numbers are based on estimates and information from various sources




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