Mission Raniganj Box Office Estimate Day 4: The Akshay Kumar Starrer Collects Rs. 1.50 cr. On Monday

Following an opening weekend box office collection of Rs. 12.60 crores, Tinu Suresh Desai’s film managed to grab around Rs. 1.60 crores on Monday, resulting in a four-day total of Rs. 14.2 crores. This Monday, the collection stands out as one of the lowest ever recorded for a mainstream Hindi film featuring a notable star.

To provide some context, it’s the 2nd weakest Monday performance in recent history, with only “Selfiee” performing worse, collecting Rs. 1.30 crores.

Also, the film “Shehzada,” starring Kartik Aaryan, outperformed “Mission Raniganj” on Monday, securing collections of Rs. 1.80 crore.

A number of reports of show cancellations due to lack of audience attendance emerged from a plethora of regions, and the above trend is reflected in the film’s box office collections.

Despite positive media coverage and discussions surrounding “Mission Raniganj,” it looks like that this positivity has not translated into strong box office numbers.

The film is currently facing a situation where audience interest in watching it on the big screen is lacking, mainly due to a lack of buzz and minimal promotional efforts.

As per the report mentioned above, it looks like there will be a reduction in the number of screenings for “Mission Raniganj” Starting from tomorrow, mainly due to the noticeable absence of an audience in the theaters.