Famous Bollywood Personalities

The page introduces you with some of the greatest Bollywood personalities as well as those young artists who earned their name and fame in the shortest span of time. But before that let’s give you some inputs about the greatest film industry- Bollywood.

Bollywood is the sobriquet for Indian film industry and is recognized as one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. It’s also known by another term – ‘Hindi Cinema’ that produces numerous films in a plethora of genre throughout the year.

In terms of output, Bollywood outperforms Hollywood. It means Indian film artists appear more frequently than their western counterpart. Due to the highest craze of Bollywood films among Indian fans, the industry produces new and interesting movies that attract new talent at all times. That’s the reason you tend to see Bollywood artists appearing more frequently and doing as many movies in an entire year. And this goes in favor of the fans as it becomes a reason for them to gauge who’s who.

Have a look at some of the greatest Bollywood personalities that the industry has ever produced

Have a look at some of the rich and famous Bollywood personalities who’re also recognized among the top Indian actors. Being in a plethora of movies, these Bollywood personalities have earned a lot of name and fame in the last few decades.


bollywood personalities
amitabh bachchan | Image Credit: bollywoodphotos

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the greatest Bollywood personalities who gained his stardom from the movies like Deewar, Zanjeer, Namak Halal (to name a few) released in 1970s. He was born on October 11, 1942. After delivering so many hits in a row, he was soon dubbed as the angry young man’ of the country. He has won numerous awards and recognition in the past and also counted among the richest Bollywood stars in the entire biz world. Today, he’s regarded as the source of inspiration for all the young and emerging Bollywood personalities.


 bollywood personalities- ShahRukh Khan
ShahRukh Khan | Image Credit: Movie News

ShahRukh Khan is counted among the famous Bollywood personalities. He’s a gem of Bollywood and also refer to the King of Bollywood. He was born on November 2, 1965. This dark brown eyes guy has worked in as many as 300 movies and is sitting at the top of his stardom. Out of 300 films has has acted so far, he was nominated more than 226 times for a plethora of film awards. In the recent past, his name was included in the Forbes magazine.


Aamir Khan| Image Credit: HD Wallpapers

Ever since Aamir Khan entered into biz world, he started creating ripples. He was born on March 14, 1965 and today he’s become one of the famous Bollywood personalities. He’s leading the entire Bollywood fraternity with a pride. Today, Aamir has become a successful film maker, actor and producer and is also known as Mr. Perfectionist as he delivers his movies with a perfection.


 bollywood personalities- Akshay Kumar
bollywood personalities- Akshay Kumar| Image Credit: HD

Akshay Kumar is one of the pillars of Indian film industry. He was born on September 9, 1967. He’s not only a fine film actor, but also a producer and a martial arts champion. He has been 2 times winner of Filmfare awards. The actor has delivered numerous hit films in the past.


 bollywood personalities- Salman Khan
Salman Khan | Image Credit: YouTube

Salman Khan is one of the top Indian actors that our film industry has ever produced. He was born on December 27, 1985. After his journey of doing endless films as an actor, he also has a credit of producing a number of successful hit films as well.

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