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Aamir Khan Children Will Get Into Films Only If Deserving

Aamir Khan children | Image Credit: starsunfolded.com

There is a recent update about Aamir Khan children. As per Aamir, he will definitely help his children get into films if he finds them deserving.

Let’s elaborate here to introduce you to Aamir Khan Children. The star actor has 2 children from his first wife- Reena Dutta. They’re Junaid (son) and Ira (daughter). Aamir says his son is presently studying theatre and he really enjoys doing it. On the other hand, Ira doesn’t want to study any longer and following the footprints of Aamir.

The star actor was asked, if he will help them, in case they like doing films? He says I will definitely help them if they plan to do so. He further says there is no question of not helping them. But for that they need to be deserving and talented. Like if they don’t deserve to be in films, then I will simply suggest them that films are not their cup of tea.

Aamir Khan children and family
Aamir Khan children and family | Image Credit: movies.ndtv.com

One of Aamir Khan children ‘Junaid’ has once assisted famous filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani at the time of shooting for PK. When the star actor was bombarded with questions, he looked confused. Like he was asked about his upcoming wedding anniversary. He says that I don’t remember (birthday) dates easily. And this is true up to the most extent.

There are 2-3 examples to support that. Like Salman has a birthday that falls on December 27 and their marriage anniversary falls on the very next day (December 28). This year too, you will see the celebrations of his wedding anniversary along with Aamir Khan children.

More about Aamir Khan children and family

As stated above, Aamir Khan has 2 children from his first marriage. Junaid and Ira. Junaid Khan was born in Mumbai and now is grown up. He’s 21 years of age and presently studying in a college in Mumbai. Junaid seems no different than his father.

He loves theatre and other similar activities. He’s also known to have performed a famous street play (for awareness). Not only this, he has also organized a cricket tournament in the past for physically challenged people.

Aamir Khan children (daughter Ira) | Image Credit: samaylive.com

Now, as far as his career is concerned, he still looks sceptical. All that is lacking from his part is a good script. As soon as that part is ready, Aamir will soon launch him in his deserving role. While Ira has no future plans as such to go into Bollywood.

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