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Sunny Leone “Busiest” Among New Bollywood Actors

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Ever since “Sunny Leone” entered into the entertainment industry, she always impressed filmmakers with her killer looks and bold image.

In a recent interview, we heard her saying Bollywood has a lot of curiosity towards her. She’s now heading on the top among all the upcoming and new Bollywood actors.

She further acclaimed of having a good rapport with all the prestigious Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.

As per Sunny, she feels quite excited to see a message from Aamir. In short, we can say that she has all the praise for the Khans.

If we look in the past, she has given a plethora of hit movies. For example, One Night Stand and Mastizaade are some of the big hits on her name.


Sunny Leone Looks Impressive 

She’s doing the number with “Shraman Joshi”. And the one in Raees with Shah Rukh Khan.

So, in short, we can say that at the moment she’s the busiest among all new Bollywood actors across the entire biz world.

Among all this, she would also be seen later in a documentary by “Dileep Mehta”. It was recently premiered at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

Well, Sunny was surrounded with some new Bollywood actors and fans when she was asked about her ongoing item song in the Shah Rukh Khan starer “Raees”.

In her reply she was heard saying that her new and latest item song is quite similar to the one in the movie “Qurbani”.

According to her, the song reveals much like Laila O Laila song (Qurbani). She further said that she’s fond of this song from the time she was growing up and even watched her numerous times since then.

And now got a chance to perform on its remake. But yes! She cautioned that the song (performed in the remake) is not exactly copied but it’s way different.


Sunny’s item song in Raees

Sunny Leone looks so exciting with the remake of the song in “Qurbani” but says it’s not been copied altogether in spite of being a dance number.

Albeit, she still remembers all the original moves of “Zeenat Aman” but has not copied it in anyways.


Working with Shah Rukh Khan

Sunny didn’t utter a word about her race among all the new Bollywood actors, when asked.

But when bombarded with a question about her experience working with Shah Rukh Khan, she replied back saying it’s amazing and was like a dream coming true and working with such great Bollywood celebrities.

She quoted him, saying Shah Rukh is greater than a superstar and is like a mega star. She said “At first I couldn’t believe their words that they, in fact, were calling me for a shoot”.

Even after she clarified this with her husband Daniel, she still couldn’t believe all that as it looked like they wrongly called her in place of “Sunny Deol”.

She further stated that I was so surprised and excited even at the time of my rehearsals.

Now, I can’t thank Shah Rukh enough for taking a chance with me. I now really hope that the song achieves everything they expected.


Working with Aamir Khan

Aamir is also among great Bollywood celebrities. When Sunny was asked about Aamir, she said, I speak to him, but not about work or films.

She says she always feels excited to get a message from him. Regarding the work, it would always be amazing to work with Aamir.

She again said that I was not even sure initially that they called me or “Sunny Deol” as I couldn’t believe myself.




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