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“Tom Nagel”- The Director and the Hollywood Super Star

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Tom Nagel is one of the most illustrious personalities in Hollywood. He’s a well known Hollywood superstar.

Generally speaking, the name (“Tom Nagel”) Tom comes with so many other names like Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise. But he’s in no way different than other famous stars in Hollywood.


Who’s Tom Nagel?

Tom lives in Ohio and is not a born Hollywood superstar. He achieved his milestone after working so generously hard.

At first, before coming into the entertainment industry, he was learning a few tips to learn his business.

He soon gained entry in entertainment as a toddler and managed to achieve a balance in both his modelling life and acting career.

After he moved to the Los Angeles from Cleveland in the year 2005, he continued working as a business lead.

At that point of time, he had a plethora of roles in his hand along with some auditions to help him fill modestly in his resume.


List of movies the Hollywood superstar has done so far

In the same ways, there are so many other films in which he has worked as a lead actor. Some of the films he has done so far are “The Dead Matter”, “Man of Steel”, “The Apocalypse”, “The Butcher”, “Hillside Cannibals”, “Dracula’s Curse” and many others.

However, he’s recently directed his upcoming horror movie ClownTown”. Everyone is waiting to see how the film performs at the box office.

This Hollywood Superstar is constantly giving a challenge to all other celebrities in the biz world. He has a much easier going style of Robert DeNiro, along with the dashing looks of Tom Hanks, and also the much appreciated on the screen tenacity of Johnny Depp.

The philosophy that he applies in his life being a Hollywood Super Star is quite simple and can be much antiquated with his different kinds of roles he has done so far. Somebody asked him about other aspiring actors and role models, then what he has to say is just awesome!

He says live your life as per your liking and love whatever you like and do what you love doing. He’s also created a history by registering one blockbuster on his name.




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