wonder woman movie 2017

Wonder Woman Movie 2017 Armpit Controversy Comes to A Halt With A Digital Fix

In the latest buzz about Wonder Woman movie 2017, it seems that everything has now been settled. We’re talking about the recent Armpit controversy that revealed Gal Gadot’s armpit hair in the first trailer released. As you know, Internet is an amazing place which at times behaves in a freaky way, where almost anything can […]

The Amityville Horror

Ryan Reynolds Shines in 2005 Amityville Horror Film

The story of The Amityville Horror film (released in 2005) revolves around a newly married couple- ‘Kathy and George Lutz’ along with their three children. Soon after their marriage, they move into their majestic and beautiful brand new home in Amityville, New York. As they move in with pride, they discover some strange and demonic […]

Come and Find Me

Come and Find Me- Missing Perrson Thriller Is Worth Tracking Down

As per the review of the movie ‘Come and Find Me’ , Claire (Annabelle Wallis) and David’s (Aaron Paul) idyllic relation comes to an end after Claire suddely disappears without giving a trace. But all this happens under mysterious and abrupt circumstances. The impact of this huge blow is enough to make David’s life completely […]

blessed are the children

Blessed Are The Children (2016) – A Review

“Blessed Are The Children” revolves around ‘Traci Patterson’ (Kaley Ball). She’s a young aged confused girl who’s in her 20’s. The film shows how she reels the death of her father and also her break up with her fiance who happens to be quite abusive. She soon discovers that she’s pregnant. As soon as she […]

health crisis

‘A Billion Lives’ Claims a Health Crisis Due to Conspiracy Against Vaping

‘A Billion Lives’ largely depict a health crisis that has been going on for decades. The film takes you to the history of smoking, the number of casualties arising from smoking and the corruption in the government to handle the issue. As per W.H.O (World Health Organisation) projection, as many as a billion casualties are […]

In a Valley of Violence

‘In a Valley of Violence’ Shows the Revenge In Its Classic Slow Burning Scenes

The movie ‘In a Valley of Violence‘ revolves around Paul (as Ethan Hawke) and his adorable dog (Jumpy). Paul is known to be a mysterious drifter. At present, he plans to make his way towards Mexico and covering the most silent and barren desert that comes from the old west. As the journey is going […]

Fire at Sea

Fire at Sea Reveals A Disturbing Saga of the European Refugee Crisis

Fire at Sea is a much heartbreaking and harrowing depiction of the European refugee crisis that happened to the local residents of Lampedusa. It’s a small island situated at the south of Sicily. It’s a single spot for hundreds of migrants who get entrapped after visiting here. If you look in the past 20 years, […]

black comedy

Jack Goes Home Veers From a Ghost Story to Black Comedy

The film “Jack Goes Home” at first seems much like a well narrated ghost story, but then takes a turn to become an irresistible black comedy. It stars Jack Thurlowe (as Rory Culkin) who has a cheerful fiancee by the name Cleo (as Britt Robertson). Jack himself works as an editor of a magazine. Cleo […]

latest horror movies- Blair Witch

“Blair Witch” Joins the Bandwagon of Latest Horror Movies

If we look into the past, a plethora of movies is released each year. Out of these, some are pure drama, whereas others are full of action, thriller, comedy and horror. However, if we discuss about horror movies in particular, they are not always fiction based but also on some real time happenings. “Blair Witch” […]