hollywood superstar

“Tom Nagel”- The Director and the Hollywood Super Star

Tom Nagel is one of the most illustrious personalities in Hollywood. He’s a well known Hollywood superstar. Generally speaking, the name (“Tom Nagel”) Tom comes with so many other names like Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise. But he’s in no way different than other famous stars in Hollywood. Tom lives in Ohio and is not a […]

upcoming horror movie-Clown Town

Upcoming Horror Movie Clown Town True Story Based In Bakersfield 2014

“Clown Town” is one of a kind (no budget) upcoming horror movie, ready to come out on September 30, 2016. As per rumours, the film is somewhere connected with all those creepy “clowns sighting episodes” recently spotted in the South Carolina region. The stage is all set in rural Ohio (where it actually shot). As […]