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Kevin Hart Looks Excited After Four Exclusive Movies Deal With Netflix

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Netflix has signed an exclusive multiyear deal with Hollywood star Kevin Hart and his HartBeat Productions for doing four exclusive films in the time to come.

Hart looks excited with his deal with Netflix. The Hollywood star actually partnered with Netflix quite recently through his stand up comedy show titled Zero F**ks Given.

As per Netflix, the comedy show has gained the number one slot in terms of the entertainment provided by Hart. But now, after the partnership by both the parties, the Hollywood star has to go deeper into the fold.

Netflix already knows the ‘star power’ of Kevin Hart just by realizing the fact that his films have grossed a whopping $4 billion at the box office worldwide.

Using the above deal with Hart, the online streaming channel would certainly be able to draw the attention of users towards its shows. And this is perfectly fine as far as it’s done in good sense.

If you look at the trends in the past, many channels and online businesses including Netflix perfectly relies on the star power of already established stars. Well, this is a well tested formula that guarantees success. And this is what the present deal of Netflix with Hart is all about.


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The same goes to another Hollywood star Adam Sandler whose collaboration with Netflix consistently produced films that garnered praise and appreciation by the masses.

You won’t believe that Sandler’s movies on Netflix managed to gain so much popularity on Netflix that Netflix was bound to renew its partnership with the former SNL personality twice.

This was done mainly to keep Sandler around. Along with that the star power of Hart and Sandler is so much that both of them share a mass appeal with their audience.

It’s because Hart and Sandler shows are enjoyed across the US by all age group people. Netflix is currently trying to expand its wings and for that, it doesn’t mind collaborating with already established stars having a mass appeal to their audience. This actually helps to grow the subscriber base of the online streaming channel.


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