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Free Fire MAX OB38 Battle Royale & Clash Squad Recent Changes

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It all happened on January 11 when Free Fire MAX and Garena Free Fire witnessed the end of update. Obviously, players might have noticed some new changes as well as new content to the game. In order to grab all the new features and the title, players need to update FF/FF MAX to its latest version.

Developers, from time to time make changes in the mode of these two popular games so as to bring something new to the players of Clash Squad and Battle Royale.

With that in mind, it will certainly give away players a more impressive and engaging experience on the battlefield when they start playing additions to CS and BR.


Optimizations Added to Clash Squad & Battle Royale In Free Fire MAX (OB38)


Battle Royale adjustments & additions



Garena is one popular game which has recently added an entirely new feature in the BR mode right after the popular Free Fire MAX’s OB38 update.

As per the latest update, each such map is likely yo offer as many as 6 arsenals which will be shown on the minimap. It will be easier for players to locate and utilize it to grab level-3 firearms along with some exclusive airdrop weapons.

Gamers will have to use a key to access its content after they spot an arsenal. If they are looking for multiple keys, they may grab it on some major areas on the BR map.

In addition to the above, gamers may want to access these items through vending machines for 600 FF Coins or airdrop vending machines for 400 FF Coins.


BR Battle Card

Now, before a match is commenced, players need to showcase a BR Battle Card directly on the spawn island. It will therefore display all the stats of players along with their skills. They even have the privilege to customize them in their waiting lobby.


Improvements to vehicles

Players can now use vehicles to go uphill, as made by Garena. The fun part is that it is quite easy to control with their HP increased. But it looks like developers have somewhat dipped their damage dealing capability.

The Free Fire MAX has recently introduced a new item Jammer in its BR mode. This will help players to protect from getting detected from UAVs, Binoculars, Memory Mist, and Clu’s Tracing Steps. Additionally, a plyer can easily find and quip a Jammer from airdrops.


Loot Radar

In the same as above, players can easily find Loot Radar in the BR mode which is all set to disclose higher-level loot.

To be precise, it will have a set range of 75m. It can disclose crucial information after a gap of every 25 seconds.

Once you equip this radar, it will get enabled by default. Further, it will notify players about a particular detected item just like in the form of a minimap or pin.


Solo queue revival

If you are somehow eliminated while playing a BR match, you will have a chance to return back.

And so, you have a revival chance in the first 3 minutes of your game. In addition to the above, a heart shaped icon on the top right corner will tell if revival system is active.

Take a look at some other adjustments in the Free Fire MAX BR mode:

  • Developers recently enhanced the cost of Woodpecker, M1014-1, AN94 and M4A1-1 that are available from the vending machine up to 400 FF Coins
  • M82B will be right there for 600 FF Coins in vending machine
  • Flashbang has now been removed
  • Devs has now enhanced the revival duration which is required at the Revival Points right on NeXTerra up to 25 seconds
  • Adjustments for Defense Airdrop: It will have first phase at 6 seconds from 4
  • Treasure Map: Grappling Hook Gun has been removed and now replaced with a weapon called MAC10, XM8, or AK47


Changes to Play Zone timestamps for Battle Royale Duo and Squad

  • 6th zone shrink: 980th second from 940th second
  • 6th zone spawn: 950th second from 910th second
  • 5th zone shrink: 890th second from 865th second
  • 5th zone spawn: 860th second from 830th second
  • 4th zone shrink: 785th second from 770th second
  • 4th zone spawn: 740th second from 725th second


Changes to Clash Squad in Free Fire MAX

Shifting Play Zones

When you play game, you will notice a new location to appear in the map, especially after the shrink of the first zone.

It will securely move to the new location and will also become somewhat smaller in size.

The above adjustment has been done to mainly decrease the unfair advantage that players get on Free Fire MAX CS maps like Clock Tower or Factory.


Weapon cost adjustments

Free Fire MAX devs have snipped the cost for M14-II to 1,700 from 1,900


Adjustment to CS Store

There are some new weapons like M60, SVD, M1917 to be available in the CS Store.

Please note that all the above changes will be available in both casual and ranked Free Fire MAX matches (CS and BR)


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