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Don’t Breathe- Thriller Movie Inhales Top Spot for Year’s Lowest Weekend

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The recent success of Hollywood blockbuster “Don’t Breathe” has been able to press the  break buttons against the ongoing slump at the American box office.

It was a good thriller  movie that everybody liked. The primary cause of the worst slump that hit the box  office was due to the release of a plethora of mediocre movies.

However, the last  week’s horror thriller Don’t Breathe still managed to attain its place in the number  one slot for a second time in a row.

One major factor that played a crucial role in deciding the fate of majority of movies was that people ignored all new releases until  they heard something special about them.

All the credit goes to Sony entertainment for retaining the crown back on its name. As per an estimate, the movie (Don’t Breathe) slipped almost 41% to a figure of $15.7 M and pushing the cumulative audience up to a whopping $51.1 M.

If the graph continues to go steeper then the figure might cross the mammoth $80 M mark. Nobody had expected that this home invasion horror thriller is going to prove such a mega hit.

If we discuss about the series of some recent blockbusters that were successful in registering all time hits at the box office, then there comes a few names that moviegoers would still like to consider.

For example, bad boys as the Suicide Squad (DC Comics) almost crossed $300 M mark. “The Warner Bros. bagged a whopping $10 M figure in the 5th weekend itself. They proved successful, boosting their charm (cumulative audiences) to a rowdy $287.8 M. In the same ways, the squad is all geared to smash up to $315 M.

There are an unlimited number of movies that can become the point of discussion in the same way as the thriller movie Don’t Breathe. If we discuss about the movie,

Harley Quinn which has become the second highest movie with $333.2 M. However, international grosses for the movie Suicide Squad surged $375.5 till this weekend and further propelling the overall cumulative audiences to $672.9 M (with no releases in China market).

Other films that stood among top ten this weekend almost left picking up scraps  between $4-8 M till date.

There was another movie by the name “The Light Between Oceans” by Disney with a gross estimate of $5.5 M from almost 1400 locations for a mild $3,232.

In the early 2016, Bad Moms (R-rated comedy) became successful to enter the club  of $100 M mark. On the same pattern, STX may flourish to see up to the $20M production cost to about $116 M by the year end.

Likewise, the War Dogs (military weapon comedy) fell almost 35% to an approximate $5 M mark by putting Warner Bros. at $36 M till date.

In the same way as the thriller movie Don’t Breathe, there are some other movies like High Fever with an approximate $4.3 M along with a whopping $3,455 from not less than 1400 locations.

Resurrection was among top ten with an approximate $5.2 M was down up to 45%, and at $15.4 M for Lions-gate.

Sci-Fi fans didn’t show much interest in Morgan (of Kate Mara) that plunged to an approximate $2.2 M from almost 2000 theaters couldn’t perform well (almost $990) for Fox. Lions-gate opened with some thriller movies and scored the best performer for the weekend.

The movie No Manches Frida (a Mexican comedy) earned up to $3.8 M from not less than 350 locations for a potent $11,058 average.

It was up to somewhere almost 14% as compared to the last year as and when War Room surged to number one position with an approximate $10 M, but it was down up to 20% from the year 2014 at the time when Guardians of the Galaxy happened to be among the top with an estimated $16 M.


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