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Don’t Breathe-Good Thriller Movie with Mystery & Jarring Twists

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Do you remember the year 2013, when the fans witnessed a good thriller movie -“Evil Dead”, going into a tizzy after an unknown artist from Uruguay knocked the box office with his remake of Cult Classic (by Sam Raimi)?

Well, if Alvarez had produced the movie (Don’t Breathe) in the beginning, instead of Evil Dead, then the fan-boys would have been trembling with a prediction for its remake.

The film happens to be a spooky tale (trapped in-house thriller), engaged with pitting thieves against an unlawfully resourceful victim.

It also shows all the dares and scares aplenty along with a handful of game changing twists. The thriller movie is already creating ripples in the hearts of fans at the multiplexes.


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Don’t Breathe Movie Details

The general appeal to the masses is never limited to buffs that produce such creations to earn their bread and butter.

The film (no doubt) falls in the category of good thriller movies list primarily due to the tendency of a number of flabbergasting scenes to make the audience feel like they are encountering something awkward going in real.

The current era has already been proved fruitful as it seems to produce a plethora of good thriller movies.

The year 2016, however, so far been witnessed a banner year for producing some of the best scary movies to watch that included wars, shooting at scary sites, natural disaster, and a kind of unprecedented presidential campaign.

At times, when it gives a sensation about the world going to hell in a hand-basket, you can distinguish catharsis to be spotted after the final girl performs all the confronted actions, at the time of fighting with bogey man.


A Thriller Movie with All Action

“Don’t Breathe” is one of a kind of thriller movie that enlists the bandwagon of great movies ever produced. A few great movies of 2016 includes “The Conjuring 2”, “Green Room” and “Lights Out”.

The title of this thriller movie is so named after the victim gets busy to stalk the intruders. The victim happens to be a blind bad-ass who seems to blast away at any uncontrolled gasp or floorboard creak.

The film basically revolves around a team of highly intensified burglars who are in their teens and trying to rob the house of a person who is blind.

The film depicts all the burglars living in the wasteland of a subdued place.

The way those lower middle class white kids perform the action, forces us to believe that it’s the only way left out they have chosen to support their lives.

The script is written by Rodo Sayagues along with Fede Alwarez, who are known to heighten the tension inventively and steadily by breaking-in and setting everything at the last moments to ensure things finally going ridiculous toward the end.

The film is progressed by one of the charismatic actors Stephan Lang, playing the role of a blind badass.

He’s living in an abandoned and downtrodden Detroid neighborhood.

No doubt, a perfect place for a break-in, as exactly what happens after the trio of burglars invade the house in pretext of a few thousand dollars, already socked away in there.

The money is generated as a result of the settlement made after the accident of his daughter who is no more.


Don’t Breathe Movie Plot 

The person who facilitates the theft is none other than Alex (Dylan Minnette). He helps them by stealing the alarm info along with keys.

In doing so, he gets a boost due to his father’s security business. Alex happens to be one of the trio’s anxious naysayers who usually refuse to take money above $10,000 as it involves a major larceny.

However, not everybody has the same views as Alex. For Rocky (Jane Levy), it’s a life changing money, as he wants to shift to California with her boyfriend who is the partner in crime, and also because he has an affair with Rocky.

Rocky tries to hold the victim’s cloths by flopping and wallowing onto one of their beds with a brief fantasy of luxury.

And within moments, his junior thug friend Money (Daniel Zovatto) takes a pride by gleefully smashing vases all around and finally masturbating onto the floor.

The struggle shown till now is no way subtle, but is arguably concise and deft.

Everything becomes clear and precise after audience come to know what they’re actually watching.

It’s the agony of the poor girl with loads of aspirations back on her head.

The story steadily turns into a cheap and scary horror that one can see in a theater in the presence of a plethora of whimpering and gasping viewers.

The tale of Don’t Breathe is undoubtedly a self belief script-flip from the times of 1967, featuring a blind woman who tries to outsmart a handful of criminals with a habit of invading her apartment.

On the same pattern, Don’t Breathe is more about natural advantages and ingenuity.

Well, it’s because you may easily spot the sighted characters holding their breath and trying to sneak around with someone familiar with the geography of the house. However, the film grows by mounting the tension all around.

The movie almost does the same thing by showing an equally violent and muscular homeowner, who most often is seen barely speaking and appearing suddenly from nowhere to create sheer shock to the viewers.

For all those who like watching a thriller movie, would surely admire all the variety that it generates right from the start.

The film is no doubt, a successful venture by not only giving the audience a thrilling experience, but also putting them in the protagonist’s place.





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