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Despite Memorial Day Weekend, “Furiosa” Box Office Collection Declines

Furiosa Box Office

Chris Hemsworth-led ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ debuted worldwide on Friday. Despite considerable anticipation and a hefty budget of $168 million, the film failed to meet expectations at the box office, earning just $25.6 million in the United States.




George Miller’s ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga‘ made its global cinema debut on Friday, boasting a large budget and an ensemble cast that had many expecting it to dominate the box office from the outset. However, the film fell well short of its considerable production costs.

‘Furiosa,’ starring Anya Taylor-Joy, had a substantial budget of $168 million, excluding marketing expenses.

Despite this, it only managed to gross an estimated $25.6 million in the United States and Canada over the weekend, with approximately $33.8 million coming from international markets. This brought its global earnings to $58.9 million across 76 markets by Sunday.



Despite Memorial Day Weekend, “Furiosa” Box Office Collection Declines

Industry analysts had forecasted a weekend gross of around $31 million for the film.

These figures reportedly represent the lowest Memorial Day box office numbers in 43 years since “Bustin’ Loose” earned $24 million in 1981.

In contrast, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ garnered $45.4 million in 2015, equivalent to roughly $61 million in today’s currency.

It was not released during a holiday weekend but still managed to achieve a significant worldwide gross of $380 million by the end of its theatrical run.

The challenge with ‘Furiosa’ doesn’t lie in its quality; rather, it highlights the erratic state of the theater landscape, a trend that has persisted for a considerable duration. Truthfully, there’s been a notable decline in public interest in going to theaters.

The situation mirrors what happened with Ryan Gosling’s ‘Fall Guy’.

It had a brief stint of just two weeks in theaters before heading straight to video on demand. Films are no longer getting the chance to have a longer presence in theaters.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ ended its theatrical run with an impressive $380M worldwide.

‘Furiosa’ is an outstanding film, with exceptional performances by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke. The prequel is now screening in theaters worldwide. Let’s show our support for the film.


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