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Concord Criticized for Its Character Designs

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  • Concord, developed by Firewalk Studios, is facing backlash for its “ugly” character designs.
  • The game has sparked online criticism among gamers.
  • Concord is a debut title and a live-service 5v5 hero shooter set in a sci-fi universe.
  • Since its reveal, the game has received mixed reactions.
  • Despite the negative feedback, there is potential for Concord to become successful like Helldivers 2.
  • Only time will tell if Concord can overcome the initial criticism.



Concord Criticized for Its Character Designs

As per a report published on GameRant.com, gamers online are voicing their dissatisfaction with the sci-fi hero shooter Concord, criticizing what they perceive as unappealing character designs.

Developed by Firewalk Studios and recently announced as a Sony first-party title, the game has faced a challenging reception overall, with many PlayStation fans feeling disappointed by its gameplay reveal.

The backlash against Concord’s character designs is exacerbating the existing debate surrounding the game.

Concord basically represents Firewalk Studios’ first foray into gaming, following Sony’s acquisition of the studio in early 2023, led by former Bungie veterans.

Initially teased with a brief CGI trailer during the 2023 PlayStation Showcase, fans were left in the dark about the game’s specifics due to the lack of context provided.

It wasn’t until months later, during the May 2024 State of Play event, that Concord received a comprehensive reveal.

Firewalk unveiled the game as a live service, 5v5 first-person hero shooter set in a universe reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy.

At present, the game’s unveiling has met with criticism from many gamers, particularly regarding its character designs.


In a post on the r/gaming subreddit, a Reddit user criticized Concord for what they perceived as having the “most unattractive character designs” they had ever seen.

For providing an evidence, they shared a screenshot of Emari, one of the playable “freegunners” in the upcoming Sony live service game. Emari’s design is mainly visible by blue lipstick, green armor, a yellow helmet, and purple stripes.

The use of this particular color palette is considered unappealing by many, especially with one of the Redditors RTXEnabledViera describing Emari’s appearance as “dull” compared to the instantly recognizable characters in hero shooters like Overwatch.

There are some other users on Reddit who actually shared gpetrakas’ sentiments. Like some jokingly compared Emari’s design to a space marine from Warhammer 40K.

Others argued that Concord’s characters appeared excessively designed, suggesting an attempt to make them distinctive had backfired. However, not everyone agreed with these viewpoints.

One of them precisely noted that they saw the designs as similar to those seen in other hero shooters, with some characters considered “ugly” while others were perceived as “cool and unique.”


Concord Still Has All the Potential to Excel Inspite of Backlash

Many gamers have already voiced about their discontent with Firewalk’s debut title. Others have remarked that Concord lacks innovation and creativity.

Despite the negative feedback, there’s still a hope that this forthcoming PS5 game of 2024 could get the success of Helldivers 2 and capture widespread acclaim. Only time will tell its ultimate fate.



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