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All Verina Resources In Wuthering Waves: Ascension Items & Top Farming Routes


Verina happens to be a 5-star Spectro character in Wuthering Waves that simply excels in healing, providing shields, along with enhancing teammates with buffs.

Being one of the limited support characters in the game, she is vital for surviving against more difficult monsters and boss battles.

In case, you recently acquired her and wish to ascend her, you’re in the right place. This ONE Esports guide details all the materials needed to ascend Verina.

All Verina Resources In Wuthering Waves: Ascension Items

There is a game where you can witness the teams and characters are constantly in battle. Now, having a healer is invaluable for Wuthering Waves players.

Unlike Genshin Impact, where some characters are dedicated solely to healing, characters in Wuthering Waves offer additional utilities such as shielding or dealing substantial damage.

This is likely because the game occasionally requires you to use support characters on the field, making their presence worthwhile.

While skilled players might avoid bringing healers by focusing on dodging and counter-attacking, casual players will find that having a healer is the safest and easiest strategy. Here are the best healers in Wuthering Waves.

Spectro Rover

Spectro Rover relies on their Resonance Liberation and Skill for their rotationsAfter unlocking their free S4 ability, they gain the ability to heal their team for 100% of their ATK every time they use their Ultimate.

This minor healing can negate the need for a dedicated healer in Spectro Rover teams. Although Spectro Rover isn’t the best healer, their healing ability pairs well with characters who help the MC unleash their Ultimate in each rotation.



Heal And Shield At The Same Time

Although Jianxin isn’t the best healer in Wuthering Waves, she excels as one of the top shielders in the game. Jianxin effectively blends damage, utility, and control in one character.

When she uses her Heavy ATK with a full Forte Gauge, she consumes the Gauge to shield herself and her team. Her shield initiates healing every few seconds, offering a valuable gradual healing effect.




Please note that Jianxin’s healing serves as an additional benefit to her shielding, while Baizhi and Verina provide emergency healing in Wuthering Waves.
Despite being minor, Jianxin’s healing, combined with her other abilities, makes her a valuable support character in the game.


Basic Healer With Mini Buff

The main difference is that Baizhi’s healing scales with her HP instead of ATK. These types of healers are advantageous because they can fit into any team and perform well due to their straightforward healing mechanics.

In addition to her healing, Baizhi provides a few universal buffs. Her Inherent Skill, Harmonic Range, grants an ally a 15% ATK buff.

Similar to Verina, Baizhi’s Outro Skill increases her team’s DMG by 15% Deepen for a comparable duration. Moreover, the Glacio researcher can revive.



Best Healer With Prominent Buff

Verina stands out as the top healer in Wuthering Waves. Her healing prowess extends from her Outro Skill, Forte Circuit, and Resonance Liberation, ensuring that her mending abilities are potent enough to completely restore an ally’s HP.

Moreover, Verina’s dedication to aiding her team goes beyond simple healing, as she also offers multiple universal buffs.

Here’s a suggested path for players to follow in order to locate all Belle Poppy locations within Wuthering Waves.

Commencing with her Outro Skill, Verina bestows a notable ATK% boost to the subsequent character while augmenting the team’s damage with a 15% DMG Deepen buff lasting 30 seconds. Through her initial passive, Gift of Nature, a significant 20% ATK buff is activated for the entire team after her healing.

Moreover, she contributes to the team’s strength via her Rejuvenating Glow Echo set, further enhancing her effectiveness as a 5-star character in Wuthering Waves.

Lastly, Verina acts as a safeguard for her allies, invoking her second passive, Grace of Life, to prevent their defeat and subsequently providing them with a shield. With these remarkable abilities and more, Verina establishes herself as one of the most indispensable healers in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves


Wuthering Waves

  • Release Date: May 22, 2024 
  • Developer(s): Kuro Games 
  • Publisher(s): Kuro Games


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