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Buying London Netflix: Meet the Agents of Netflix’s New Real Estate Series


If you are looking forward to purchase posh properties like Beverly Hills, there is a dedicated Netflix show that you must watch.

It’s already set in the British Capital. Buying London leaves you interact with property tycoon Daniel Daggers and his entire team called DDRE Global agents. They are highly proficient selling most expensive properties in city’s posh localities.

The Netflix show is not just meant to buy and sell properties, it also gives you an opportunity to delve into the personal lives of agents. In addition to the above, you also get an opportunity to get fair deals in properties in Holland Park and Mayfair.

Now, if you are still interested to know more about this kind of really ambitious deal of several real estate agents who have ample of experience by selling homes worth millions of pounds, then please check the below given details of the entire crew of Netflix’s Buying London.


Daniel Daggers


Have you ever heard the name before? Well, he’s Daniel Daggers who is a renowned name in the field of real estate in London.

At present, he’s the owner of DDRE Global. He’s been born and brought up in London itself. Daggers first started his real estate career by dealing in studio flats. Now, after a span of 26 years in the same industry, he’s credited to have sold £5 billion of real estate properties.

The 44 years old guy wants to call himself as ‘Mr Super Prime’. For the year 2019, he was named as the UK Property Advisor.

Daniel Daggers earlier worked with Knight Frank. And it’s only after that he was able to become the founder of DDRE Global in the year 2020. He has a full fledged team of highly qualified real estate agents. He has over 65k followers on Instagram and 23k followers on Linkedin.


Juliana Ardenius

Juliana Ardenius is another high qualified real estate agent who works in the team of Daniel Daggers. He works as an interior designer at DDRE Global. She’s known to raise the glamour part of the show on Netflix.

Earlier, Ardenius started her career after she chose to participate in the renowned Miss Teen Universe peagant before entering into the field of interior design. Juliana is credited of decorating over 1,000 real estate properties and she only deals with elite clients.

Her candidature in Buying London on Netflix comes up with a lot of drama. The show will uncover her crush on an agent who’s already married. She’s quite active on Instagram where she likes to post her work and her own pictures. She has over 16k followers on Instagram.


Lauren Christy


Lauren Christy hails from South Africa. She works as one of the top selling agents at DDRE Global. She’s also an old friend of Daniel. She loves in being a confident lone wolf who likes to push her own limits.

In her career, Christy managed various house sales in both South Africa and the UK. Her friendship with Daniel is going to cause a scandal in Buying London, as other agents feel that she is getting undue advantage with prime listings from the boss. Check out her Instagram here.

It’s also because other agents have a view that she gets unaided advantage with some great listings directly from the boss. For more details, you can go through Christy’s Instagram page.


Oliver Hamilton

Oliver Hamilton, or Oli, is renowned in real estate circles for his extensive network. A suave agent, Oli effortlessly maneuvers through high society with his persuasive charm.

Formerly known for his partying ways, he’s now happily married to makeup artist Avia Solomon, though his fidelity will be tested as a flirtatious colleague pursues him on the show.

With his tall, dark, and handsome appearance, Oli often finds himself with an edge in his professional life. His involvement in the show is expected to boost his Instagram following significantly.


Olivia Wayne


Olivia Wayne, recognized as the level-headed presence among her colleagues, steers clear of drama.

With prior experience in journalism and as a former Sky Sports presenter, her responsibilities at DDRE Global primarily revolve around content creation.

Happily married to DJ Zeb Wayne, Olivia’s interests extend to fitness, health, and fashion, evident from her active engagement on social media.


Rasa Bagdonaviciute

Rasa Bagdonaviciute, a recent addition to DDRE Global’s team, is known for her assertive nature and willingness to voice her opinions. She describes herself as a hustler, leveraging her elite connections to drive sales.

Rasa has made it clear that she prioritizes professional relationships over personal ones, with Oliver Hamilton being her sole close colleague.

Interestingly, Rasa’s appearance on Buying London isn’t her first foray into reality television. In 2023, she briefly featured on Channel 4’s Selling Super Houses, an experience she candidly shared on her Instagram account.


Reme Nicole

At only 21 years old, Reme Nicole is the youngest member of the team, often playfully referring to herself as the ‘office baby’. Proficient in technology and social media, she works as an advisor at DDRE Global.

Reme’s upbeat demeanor attracts high-end clients, and she continuously strives to impress Daniel. She enjoys a large following on TikTok and is also quite popular on Instagram.


Rosi Walden

Rosi Walden, known for her previous appearance on Made in Chelsea, is an ambitious realtor well-versed in both the London and international real estate scenes.

While she’s empathetic towards her colleagues during challenging times, she’s also fiercely competitive and dislikes seeing other agents dominate the market with major listings.

Rosi considers Oli a friend and enjoys a positive rapport with Reme and Rasa. Her Instagram following exceeds 40,000 followers.


Alex Bourne

Like other real estate shows, Buying London will feature a competing agent, Alex Bourne. Although he has been friends with Daniel for many years, they vie for the best listings in the real estate market.

Alex is the founder and director of London House, a firm rivaling DDRE Global. He’s a great foodie and has almost 5k followers on Instagram.

Buying London will be available on Netflix starting from May 22.


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