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Black Widow Starring Scarlett Johansson Impresses With All the Action & Twist

Black Widow

Black Widow happens to be one of the most awaiting superhero movies of Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff).

The film showcases how she becomes a part of an advanced Russian program with a mission to abduct young girls to make them into lethal undercover agents.

The film depicts how Natasha faces the dark side of her past which was once linked to a dangerous conspiracy. Johansson is playing the character of Natasha Romanoff in this film.

Natasha is mainly perused by the fact that she’s a spy and has to accept this fact. She also has to keep remember how her family ties were destroyed even before she tried to become a part of the Avengers team.

When the film gets opened, it instantly showcases the first sequence that appeals the audience to scrutinize the her background. It showcases the initial 10 minute opening which was set in Ohio (1995).

Natasha, who’s just 12 years of age lives with her parents including her sister named Yelena (Florence Plugh). Her parents named Melina and Alexei happen to be the part of a Russian spy family that finally paves the way for Red Room.

At the same time, it also brings huge danger and adventure that are connected to their two daughters who come all of a sudden.

If you look at what director has to say, you will feel overwhelmed. As per the director, he likes to create action flicks that are fun to watch.

All the action in the film then finally makes the way to their final landing where they are expected to meet the Red Room. It’s the same place where the Russian girls are trained to become assassins and spies.

As you see, Black Widow has become the most awaiting film in 2021 which is to be released by next week and the film has managed to receive positive reviews from most of the critics.

One of the reviews given by The Independent’s Clarisse Loughrey states that its’ a film which has been directed by Cate Shortland relates to the story about the exploitation and abuse of young women.

To be précised, Black Widow is full of action but should not be specifically called an action movie as it’s all about those trying to cut in your emotions where you can hardly feel them.

Since the movie is full of action and emotion, it’s being liked by the audience at large. The most amazing part about Black Widow is that it has become the favorite of critics as well.

The film is all about displaying the character of Johansson who tends to bring all the various elements in the movie to give it a touch of soul.

It showcases Natasha’s desire to take revenge against the Red Room. At the same time, it also brings back her inner wounds.

The film also shows how Johansson makes all the vulnerable emotions of her human power.

Black Widow also gives a kind of personal touch to anyone who decides to watch it. The film although, depicts the story of a strong and powerful woman, but she’s also an ordinary woman who has gone through all the wounds and trauma that need to overcome.

The film shows how three women named Mekina, Yelena and Natasha (along with some other widows) have no choice but to be in the Red Room.

They have to gear up for themselves in order to help them and get their freedom.

One of the greatest strengths that makes Natasha an Avenger is the inner strength. It’s her inner strength that has made her to sacrifice her life to save the entire universe.

Black Widow is scheduled to release in theaters on July 9, 2021 in theaters.

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