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Bill Cosby Freed As Court Overturns His Sex Assault Conviction

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Bill Cosby must be feeling relieved after the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overturned its own judgement of 2018 related to sexual assault and misconduct and directed to free him.

It all happened on Wednesday when the case witnessed the trail of such a high profile case that relates to the #MeToo era.

Since the court has already given its verdict to release Mr. Cosby from prison who has been serving a sentence up to 3-10 years of prison in Philadelphia, legal experts believe that this is going to be an end to the Pennsylvania case.

Experts also feel that the case will no longer make any further prosecution in spite of the allegations made by over 50 women across the country. The charges framed on Mr. Cosby include misconduct and sexual assault.

Mr. Cosby has already served a jail term of 3 years of 3-10 years sentence. He has been serving the judgement under high security Philadelphia prison.

On Wednesday, the court ruled “non-prosecution agreement” which means that Mr. Cosby will no longer be charged in the case.

Mr. Cosby, who’s now turned 83 looked jubilant after hearing the court’s decision. He returned to his home on Wednesday in Philadelphia. At the age of 83, he was looking frail and also walked slowly. After he came to know about the court’s decision, he simply flashed a victory “V” sign.

It was a day of full surprise when the court overturned its own decision that happened under the first major high profile case falling under the #MeToo era.

The allegations on Mr. Cosby came to the surface after the similar allegations of sexual misconduct had been made against Harvey Weinstein who’s a noted Hollywood producer.

It was in the year 2015 when the case was first started against Mr. Cosby. He was arrested in the same year on the charges that explained how he managed to drag and sexually assonated a woman. The incident happened at his home in Philadelphia.

Since then the change of sequences started to build on their own way. In April 2018, Mr. Cosby came under the scrutiny as the jury convicted him with 3 counts of aggravated incidents that included an assaults’ on Andrea Constand.

At that time, Mr. Cosby was a mentor and Andrea Constand was an employee of Temple University.

After the verdict came in the same year, it was Mr. Costland who had praised the verdict saying “Truth Prevails”. On the other hand, the lawyers of Mr. Cosby had stated that due to the fresh allegations on Mr. Weinstein would probably make it difficult for them to undergo a fair trail in the matter.

On the other hand, Ms. Constand stated that the court’s verdict was not only heart breaking but would discourage women who come to the court seeking justice in such allegations.

It would not reflect a great sentiments to those who seek hope from the judicial system to get justice for sexual assaults’ in the criminal justice system.





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