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Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Thought Daughter Katherine to Marry With An Actor

Image Credit: today.com
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Image Credit: today.com

Famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently given a statement about his daughter Katherine. He clarified that he never expected her to marry with someone in the same profession like him.

In other words, Schwarzenegger never expected her (now married to actor Chris Pratt) to marry with an actor.

Right from the day when Arnold Schwarzenegger came into the biz world, he couldn’t look after his children properly.

In a statement released at an interview, he disclosed that he has spent most of his time raising his children on the film sets.

This is what he clarified, “I never, ever thought that my daughter is going to marry an actor,” Schwarzenegger said.

“I said to myself, she would be sick and tired of me dragging them to sets, having them watch me blowing up buildings and killing people. My kids always enjoyed it, but Katherine, she was crying always the first few movies,” he added.

The family of Arnold includes his wife and 4 children including a daughter Christina who is the eldest among all. He also has 3 children named Christopher (23), Joeseph Baena (23) and Patrick (27).

He also spoke about Chris Pratt (son-in-law). He said that Pratt is a fantastic person and ‘so easy to get along with’.

This is what he said, “I’m really happy because he has been a wonderful, wonderful husband to her and such a great son-in-law,” Arnold said. Both Katherine and Pratt got married in 2019.

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