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Latest Update for Lords of the Fallen Clash of Champions Introduces An Exciting Boss Rush Mode

Lords of the Fallen's 'Clash of Champions' update


  • Hexworks demonstrates ongoing dedication to post-launch support for Lords of the Fallen with frequent updates
  • The latest Clash of Champions update introduces new boss rush modes and performance enhancements
  • These updates reflect Hexworks‘ responsiveness to player feedback and aim to improve gameplay
  • Despite occasional bugs and performance issues, Lords of the Fallen remains a standout Soulslike game known for its unique features


The latest update for Lords of the Fallen, dubbed “Clash of Champions,” introduces fresh boss rush modes and significant performance upgrades.

The game has been developed by Hexworks. Lords of the Fallen has undergone notable development since its launch in 2023.

This action RPG, celebrated for its immersive combat mechanics and intricate narrative, has undergone several updates aimed at enriching the player experience and addressing community feedback.

The commitment of developers to elevate the game, alongside their responsiveness to player demands, exemplifies post-launch support.

The recent sequel to Lords of the Fallen showcased a substantial leap forward from its 2014 predecessor, introducing improved gameplay and a more immersive gaming experience.

Players have warmly welcomed the diverse selection of fist-focused weapons and the option for bare-fisted combat, which scales with agility, presenting a unique combat dynamic within the Soulslike genre.

With its distinct features and consistent updates, Lords of the Fallen has solidified its position as one of the top-tier Soulslike games.

The Clash of Champions update unveils two new boss rush modes: Echoes of Battle and Crucible.

In Echoes of Battle, players have the opportunity to replay their favored boss fights, while Crucible presents a series of challenging trials against multiple bosses consecutively.

Accessible through the game’s Vestige checkpoint markers, these modes are available in both single-player and online co-op multiplayer modes.

The above update brings performance enhancements, completely resolving previous stuttering issues introduced in the Master of Fate update, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.


Lords of the Fallen Introduces Boss Rush Modes

Updates for Lords of the Falln have been a mixed bag, offering both improvements and challenges. While frequent patches have enhanced balance and performance, they’ve also introduced new bugs.

  • Release Date: October 13, 2023
  • Developer(s): HEXWORKS
  • Time to Beat: 30 Hours

Despite not being a live-service title, these updates have significantly impacted the game’s stability and performance.

There are a few players that may have encountered issues like difficulty maintaining a consistent 60 FPS and occasional gameplay bugs.

Hexworks has therefore laid out plans for future updates, showcasing a commitment to ongoing improvements and setting a precedent for how non-live-service games can engage players through regular updates.

The most recent Lords of the Fallen update, version 1.1.637, released in March 2024, continued to refine the game.

This update addressed multiplayer issues and visual glitches, resulting in a smoother gameplay experience. It also fixed specific spells and interactions, enhancing PvP encounters and overall game balance.

Even with the game’s success and record-breaking revenue, CI Games is undergoing substantial layoffs in 2024.

The publisher has confirmed another round of job cuts, impacting approximately 30 employees. However, Hexworks remains unaffected by these layoffs.                                                          


Lords of the Fallen (2023)

The sequel to Lords of the Fallen expands upon the rich universe established in the original game.

Set in a sprawling world roughly five times larger than its predecessor, this release delves deeper into the dark and gritty lore of the land.

Players will once again employ a wide range of weapons, skills, and abilities as they progress through this expansive journey.


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