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A Quiet Place 2- John Krasinski Confirms Directing Emily Blunt Sequel


A Quiet Place 2– You might have come across so many Emily Blunt movies in the past. But nothing like A Quiet Place- A horror sensation that created a buzz in the entire film industry. Millions of fans watched it holding their breaths when it was released last year. 


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Now, the latest news is that it is again coming back to tease you. The sequel A Quiet Place 2 will be back in 2020. The best part is that John Krasinskiis returning back to direct the sequel.


Movie Name:                              A Quiet Place 2
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                          May 15, 2020
Directed By:                                John Krasinski
Written By:                                 Scott Beck, John Krasinski, Bryan Woods
Casts:                                              Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe , John Krasinski, Leon Russom


Don’t you think its great news for the fans? As per the latest Hollywood news, Paramount Pictures seems to have been in talks with none other than Emily Blunt along with kid stars Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds.

In fact, they are to be seen again and reprising their eminent roles in the sequel. The movie is based on a family who consistently struggles hard to survive in the presence of noise targeting creatures.

A Quiet Place 2- All Key Players to Act Together

Ever since the news of A Quiet Place 2 filming again broke, everybody welcomed the decision of the makers to produce the sequel.

It is to be seen how the plot goes again. You might remember John Krasinski, who not only directed the original part but also starred as well has confirmed his availability to direct the sequel A Quiet Place 2.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the shooting of this horror sensation will start somewhere in late summer.

Almost all the characters who played an eminent role in the original film are set to appear again including Emily Blunt and both the kids.


At this point of time, there seems no confusion that Krasinski will be directing A Quiet Place 2 just like the way he directed the original part. Another thing which is crucial to discuss here is the presence of kids Jupe and Simmonds who are known to be under option.

It simply means that when they made initial deals in this connection, Paramount studios reserved them for any sort of follow-ups.


However, in general sense, it is quite surprising that without delivering a single dialogue, it had to cost only $17 million while making the film. But now, in 2019, things have quite changed and the budget of the sequel A Quiet Place 2 may go much higher as compared to that in 2018.

Now, if you specifically like to get an idea about the projected budget for the sequel, it is quite unclear right at the moment as the script is still under process. And so, you need to spend some more time for all that stuff.

But it is quite sure that the budget is going to see a surge this time that will mean huge pay bumps for those rising stars that were a part of the horror sensation in 2018.

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A Quiet Place 2- Emily Blunt Role is Crucial

If you like to know about the role of Emily Blunt in the sequel to A Quiet Place, then nothing can be said right now about things to get shape in the future.

Conceptualizing the facts in terms of numbers, Emily Blunt received her payment somewhere in the range between $9 million to $10 million soon after completing her last project.

At the same time, she agreed to act in the original horror sensation at a much lower price that was somewhere around $1 million and didn’t come forward to participate in the profits made by Krasinski, for whom it was just a passion project for him.

Now, as per the gossips, it is being said that Blunt will again be looking forward to take a cut in order to be a part of this upcoming and great project.

Now, coming back to the ongoing talks between John Krasinski and producers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, it seems that Paramount Studios have already settled on a definitive plot for the upcoming sequel A Quiet Place 2.

As per the plot in the sequel which is yet going on a decisive note, there are 2 aspects that are being considered for the upcoming horror sensation sequel.

  • One will be to go ahead on the same track and continuing with the role of the protective mother and her kids.
  • Need to focus on an entirely new project of the post apocalyptic world where they would have to go ahead featuring all those nasty creatures.

A Quiet Place 2- Cillian Murphy Joins Emily Blunt in the Sequel

You might have seen the end of John Krasinski life in the A Quiet Place last year, but he’s again coming back to direct and write the sequel A Quiet Place 2.


As per the news and gossips from the insiders, Cillian Murphy (an Irish actor) is all set to join the sets along with Emily Blunt in the upcoming Paramount’s horror sensation.

Now, if we have to believe at the news published by Hollywood Reporter, Murphy will be seen playing the role of someone having mysterious intentions that joins the struggling family.

Now, this is something that looks quite weird, especially in the sense that Emily Blunt would never allow any strange person around her children. Well, this looks quite peculiar as why she needs a stranger to look after her kids. One reason that comes in our mind is that she needs Murphy’s help to survive.

As you might have watched A Quite Place that showed how Blunt takes care of herself so efficiently. But another thing that still needs to be take n account is the character of Murphy in the original film that was released last year.


Now, with all those creatures coming back to Blunt, it seems she puts out a distress call that is bound to be answered by none other than Murphy.

As of now, all sorts of confusion are being mounting ahead. But you need to unveil each and every course of action only when A Quite Place 2 gets released on May 15, 2020.

A Quiet Place 2- Murphy’s Role Raise Suspensions

As you might remember that the original horror sensation by Emily Blunt grossed $340 million worldwide, the sequel is expected to collect far more than this as soon as it hit theatres.

Talking about Murphy who is currently playing one of the characters join the hit BBC series titled Peaky Blinders has already appeared in a plethora of Christopher Nolan movies that includes a few of his well known films like Dunkirk, Batman Begins and Inception.

Not only that, the star actor is represented by famous Lou Coulson and ICM Partners..




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