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‘Voyage of Time’ offers a charismatic Imax Evolution of the universe

Image Credit: hollywoodreporter.com

‘Voyage of Time’- The Imax Experience, is an ultimate creation by ‘Terrence Malick’. The movie is based on the evolution of the universe that it speaks to you about numerous hidden things shrouded by the dust of blurriness.

The experience can be narrated as a kind of cosmic hallucination and a smoothness to your eyes that you are unable to experience anywhere else.

It’s obviously an effect that can be produced with the help of counter-programming by those experts sitting at the back end.

This is done all for you to have a glimpse of such a fascinating world (space) beyond your imagination.

So, what are you waiting for, you should also go to the big screen to watch the world of imagination.

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evolution of the universe
evolution of the universe | Image Credit: slantmagazine.com

The film opens by announcing the evolution of the universe and life. How the stars evolved by eventually demonstrating that all of us are the part of the same story.

In the later part, you can have a glimpse of a young and dynamic looking girl who is wandering in the middle of verdant ground.

She’s full of curiosity by moving here and there and giving unmatched patterns in the shadow of darkness.

Genre:                            Drama & Documentary
Release Date:               Oct 7, 2016 (worldwide)
Directed By:                  Terrence Malick
Duration:                       45 minutes
Casts:                               Brad Pitt (as narrator)

The message is clear. ‘Malick’ is trying to make us aware about the beginning (origin) of the universe.

Everything is changing in the fraction of a second to make us aware about evolution of the universe.

All this shows that the universe, something guided by changing frequent shapes, amorphous and slowly and steadily empowering its luminescence and mass.

Evolution of the universe after a destruction

The director of the film first completed his homework as how to project such a thing happening on the big screen. In order to achieve that, Malick followed a few intellectuals, including NASA scientists and a little expertise in historical science.

Out of those, Andrew Knoll happened to be a NASA scientist in the company of Dan Grass (visual effects designer).

All of them consulted and had a discussion about the different forms of matter and space. By exploring on every step, their findings were quite varied and fascinating. You can see all this happening in a span of 45 minutes.

The film could be seen more like a masterpiece (The Tree of Life) in the year 2011.

This film narrates how a family of Texas evolved in the years between 1950’s and 60’s, not only due to the start of the cosmic age, but also due to the consumption of major earth (mass) by the sun and the dim emergence of the life on our planet.

At this time, the things go even more confusing with the passage of events. However, the Imax version of this film seems much intended for both institutional and cinematic settings.

Mallick further narrates the story by sensing a crucial thing. He says that the rainfall (for centuries) helped to make the atmosphere of the earth cool and eventually making the surface of the blazing planet to become favorable for life.

The most part of the film narrates the explosion of big volcanoes and tons of lava converting into globular forms.

The film further shows the horrifying visuals of destruction and evolution of the universe. Also showing how cells going for a destruction and new ones are emerging.

Now, in the end it all shows an insect gets caught in a plethora of dust to the highest building on the earth. The movie show-casts eternal beauty along the entire movie.



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