Tiger 3 Box Office: Salman Khan starrer likely to fold under less than Rs. 300 crores at India box office


Tiger 3 Box Office: Salman Khan Starrer to Register Under Rs 300 Crore Mark At India Boc Office

Looking at Tiger 3’s earnings, the film began strongly with an opening day collection of Rs. 44.50 crore and amassed Rs. 148.50 crore by the end of its opening weekend.

Throughout its first week, the film maintained stability, culminating in a total of Rs. 188.25 crore.

During its second week, the daily earnings dropped to single-digit figures, resulting in a cumulative collection of Rs. 271.55 crore by the end of the fortnight.

Considering upcoming releases and the waning appeal of Tiger 3, projections indicate a downward trajectory in its earnings.

Presently, it seems improbable for Tiger 3 to surpass the Rs. 300 crore mark. Trade forecasts suggest that although the film might come close, its overall earnings are anticipated to fall short of the coveted Rs. 300 crore milestone at the Indian box office.