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The Tamil Teaser of Mammootty’s ‘Mamangam’ is Out


If reports are to be believed, one of the most discussing ‘Mamangam‘ teaser is finally released by the makers.

It shows the epic performance of one of the great legends of Malayalam cinema, Mammootty.

For long, fans have been waiting for Mammootty’s next film. Now, after the release of the teaser, it looks clear that they will shortly be able to watch their favorite star very soon.


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The much awaited movie has been directed by none other than M Padmakumar that stars Prachi Tehlan, Unni Mukundan, Kaniha, Anusitara, Siddique and Achuthan.

For now, we must tell you that the teaser looks awesome as it has a great voice over that says, “Even if you have decided to watch it once, you will ask for more and will never forget the sight of it. Well, it is actually the sight to behold and therefore happens to be the Mamangam Mahamaham,” as declared by the voice over.

Now, after the teaser starts, it rightly goes off to unveil the presence of Unni Mukundan along with Prachi Tehlan who can be seen putting up a fight with Zamorin rulers.

As the teaser clearly depicts, the film is al about to better trace the brave heart exploits of Kerala warriors who continued to fight till the end with none other than Zamorin rulers.

In the end, the teaser shows a glimpse of Mammootty who is performing the role of a great unsung hero.


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