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The Horror of Party Beach- A 1963 Horror Movie Review

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The movie ‘The Horror of Party Beach’ is a December 1963 released film, stuffed with every single ingredient that is needed to make it worth watching.

In this horror movie, you can find all kinds of peculiar characters like rubber creatures (better be called as monsters), numerous biker gangs, lots of rock and roll numbers, some unique and crazy looking teenage poppers.

They looked somewhere around 35 years of age. Those who are the bad movie buffs, this movie would definitely secure a place in their hearts.

Do you know from where the title ‘horror arrived? Well, it came from hundreds of scaly creatures. What’s peculiar about these creatures is that their mouths are suffused with an apparatus (much like a tube). These creatures are stuffed and look to overflow with frankfurters.

Genre:                                       Horror
Released Date:                          December 31, 1963
Directed By:                               Del Tenney
Written By:                                Richard Hilliard, Lou Binder 
Duration:                                   71 minutes
Casts:                                        Alice Lyon, John Scott, Allen 

The horror movie further shows some huge monsters dine that emerges from the dead sea to a plethora of surfers and nymphs (bikini clad) during the entire teen beach party.

The movie has a character by the name ‘Allen Laurel’ who’s playing the role of a useless scientist and manages to get an idea how to stop this monster menace. He comes to know the solution only after his maid knocks.

The movie ‘The Horror of Party Beach’ basically shows all the fun going on at the beach party. The party goes on with much enthusiasm and becomes more like a rock and roll beach party.

On the other hand, it shows a passing ship that unloads a barrel of radioactive chemicals. Soon, the whole thing plunges to the bottom and strikes against a nearby dead rock.


The horror movie grows into huge ocean monsters

Now, the horror movie further grows its plot. As soon as the whole thing strikes with the rock, a dark black liquid starts oozing out from inside and slowly but steadily covers the entire shapeless mass in the ocean.

What looks more horrifying is when the entire thing takes the shape of a huge vicious monster. Soon, a number of monsters appear and need human blood to survive. There are some victims as well, including Tina along with Elaine Gavin and Hank Green.

There is one by the name Dr. Gavin, who suddenly finds an arm lost by one of those huge monsters.

He further discovers that only one thing can destroy them which is none other than ‘Sodium’ as they are mostly water and nothing more than that. Now, the question is that if they can gather enough salt to end this calamity.




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