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Shruti Haasan Says Her Entire Family Has Gone In Self Isolation Mode

Shruti Haasan

India is currently facing the aftermath of corona outbreak. As you know, we are presently in the second stage of the coronavirus outbreak, the government is taking every measure to avoid any further progression of this deadly virus.

If India ever enters into the third stage of the corona outbreak, then it would be next to impossible to stop the menace.

But in order to achieve this task, the citizens really need to cooperate by abiding all the rules and regulation set by the government. Bolly4u

As per the present orders from the government, it is being stated that people need to stay back to their homes as this is the only way to prevent the further spreading of the virus.

This is the time people really need to extend their support by staying back at their homes.

But there are a few who still behaving like kids and are coming outside their homes without a reason. Well, we hope this will also rectify. Malang Movie Download

Talking about the cine world, popular actress Shruti Haasan who returned from London recently has gone to the self-quarantine mode along with her family members.

When one of the media personals asked her about her whereabouts, the actress replied, “I’m used to being by myself,” she added that she has no complains as she likes to do so many things in the isolation like baking, cooking and making organic soups. Bolly4u

At the same time, she also regrets of not being able to move outside for shopping like the usual days.

It’s not something that self isolation mode is hurting the actress in any of the ways. 9xMovies

Instead, the actress is having a great time back home. For example, she is taking care of her health in the best manner possible.

On the work front, Shruti Haasan is going to be seen next in the Telugu film titled ‘Krack’. After that, she will enact in Vijay’s starrer Tamil language movie titled ‘Laabam’. Baaghi 3 Download

Both the above assignments are already in the initial stage of their production and will commence as soon as the situation goes normal.

Currently, the actress has no Hindi film in the pipeline as she feels that she would be happy do do a Hindi film only if it excites her. Baaghi 3 Download


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