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Shark Tank India Registration Begins, Find the Complete Guide to Participate In Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India

Sony TV is coming up with another surprise for the TV audience in the form of a new TV show “Shark Tank” which will be premiered for the first time in India. Shark Tank is basically one of the most popular shows in the USA which has completed a thunderous 12 seasons successfully on May 21, 2021.

However, if we talk about in India, Sony TV has not only launched the show but also announced the participation registration which is open. A room video for the show has also been created.

After the promo video was first launched by the channel, there was a buzz on various social media platforms where there is already a debate going on. The most basic thing that has now become a point of debate is whether normal people can apply or become a part of the show.

Shark Tank India 2021 Registration Begins

In order to participate in the show, you need to first register. So, if you are interested to apply, you can always go ahead and register for Shark Tank.

Shark Tank is a show based on businessmen and some aspiring business ideas. Due to this, the show will be a great opportunity for those who are surrounded with loads of exceptional business ideas.

In order to help them, the aspirants are free to use the services pf financial banking.

Now, in order to go ahead with the casting, the makers are currently looking for those having knowledge with content elements like services, concepts, business products and various properties to boost investment funds.

Since the makers of Shark Tank are preparing for the show, they are also looking forward to support and also invest in various start-up ideas that come forth by the participants.

In case, you have that kind of excitement and have a brilliant mind to get so many top notch business ideas, you are welcome onboard by the Shark Tank investors.

If that happens, you can have a great investment from from the Shark investors. And this is how your business idea can help you reap the best in the industry that you are looking for. 

How to Participate In Shark Tank India

  • First register successfully on the SonyLIV App or website
  • Fill the registration form after you log in
  • Enter all the mandatory details along with the summary of your business plan
  • The registration process is open from June 21, 2021 to July 21, 2021

Shark Tank show is so popular that it’s presently running in many countries like Nepal, Mexico, Vietnam, Colombia and Australia. It’s basically an American franchise.


Currently, the entrepreneurs are looking to have 5 best business investors that have all the authority to take a decision whether they can invest to a particular company. In the end, we only say that if you have a great business mind, then you need to register fast.


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