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Filhaal 2 Song Release Date Confirmed By Akshay Kumar On Social Media Platform

Filhaal 2

Ever since Filhaal song was released for the first time in November 2019, it garnered huge success all over. Now, owing to the success of the song produced by B Praak and written by Jaani, Akshay Kumar has announced that it will have a sequel which will be released anytime soon.

The song originally featured Nupur Sanon and Akshay Kumar. But now, it’s going to have a sequel and the announcement for the same has been made by Akshay Kumar on his official Twitter handle.

Akshay has confirmed that the song will have a continuing storyline but the release date has not been confirmed as yet. As per the actor, teaser of the sequel will be releasing on June 30, 2021.


Filhaal 2 Song Release Date

It’s going to be the first time when Akshay Kumar will be a part of a music video. The song has already received huge appreciation all over. Talking in terms of numbers, it managed to receive over 15 million views within a span of 24 hours after uploading it on YouTube.

Looking at the total views the song has garnered, it looks quite unbelievable. But you need to accept the reality as the music video has already crossed one billion mark.

Akshay Kumar had earlier reciprocated that there will be a sequel to the song on January 23, 2020. But he has now come up with another twitter post confirming that the video will be released shortly.

As we mentioned above, Filhaal 2 song starring Akshay Kumar will have a teaser which is to be released on June 30, 2021.

The post originally shared by Akshay Kumar has a new poster of Filhaal 2 song. He has further stated that it will be released on YouTube and will feature Nupur Sanon like before.

The voice to this song is given by B Prateek and videography is handled by Arvinder Khaira.

There is no doubt that crores of people have already given their appreciation to the Filhaal song released a few years back. But after the announcement of Filhaal 2 song, fans are looking anxiously for the song to get released.

After the Filhaal 2 announcement was made, so many Twitter users have already started retweeting the original tweet. Additionally, they also like to have B Praak come alive again as he has become a music sensation.    

The Filhaal 2 video will be directed by Arvindr Khaira who is a well experienced and talented director. Naman Bankey will edit the song and it will be produced by mirror image films (from Dubai), Aadesh Gola, Arun Paharia and Satish Kakade productions.

The makers expect to make it big after the song releases on YouTube. Although, time will only decide the fate of the song, but relating it with people’s interest and feedback, it looks like they are ready to recreate a history.

Currently, the audience is waiting anxiously for the song to get released. Everybody is expecting that it breaks it own record and reach to over 1 billion views like before.


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