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Panipat- Arjun Kapoor & Sanjay Dutt Movie to Release on December 6


As per the latest Bollywood news, Panipat movie has got a release date which is going to fall on December 6, 2019.

The film showcases the talent of a plethora of well known faces from Bollywood including Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon in their special appearance.

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, it has created so much excitement among fans.

As the title suggests, the film is going to be based on the 3rd battle of Panipat that originally took place on 14 January 1761.


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This date has so much of significance in the history of India that we all should know. However, in the presence of changing cultures and values of the society, we are slowly forgetting these events that the country should never forget.

Panipat is going to be a kind of initiation in this direction so as to make our countrymen aware of the great fight that happened on January 14, 1761.

To be precise, this great battle in the history of India was fought between the most popular the King of Afghanistan named Ahmad Shah Abdali with Maratha Empire.

Another interesting fact about this film is that Sunita Gowarikar is going to produce the film under the banner AGPPL. The film will be produced in the association with Vision World which is a company owned by Rohit Shelatkar.



Talking to the media personals, Sunita Gowarikar elaborated that the film is going to showcase all the happenings in the perfect manner that were originally fought by the great Marathas that witnessed the killing of over one lakh soldiers.

At the same time, the film will also showcase the reasons why this great battle was fought,” Sunita chose to comment in her statement.

other crucial facet of Panipat movie is that Reliance Entertainment has already joined hands with the production team of Panipat.

As per Shibasish Sarka who is the Group CEO of Reliance Entertainment, “We really feel honored and privileged to get the association with the film. At this point of time, we think that the most compelling and great story of Panipat will give the audience a reason to watch the film in theaters.”

Sarka further clarified a few more details saying, “At this time, all of us are having a great time after getting associated with Panipat. This way, we will get a chance to educate people about the great historic battle of India that happened way back on January 14, 1761.”



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