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Outlander Season 3 Trailer and Releae Date


Before we let you know about outlander season 3 trailer and release date, take a look about a few details of the movie.

Outlander Season 3 is picked by Starz featuring Ronald D. Moore. He is going to perform in both seasons 3 and season 4. The upcoming saga is going to be an adaptation of Gabaldon’s Drums and Voyager of Autumn novels. Please take a look at the latest info on the drama series.

outlander season 3 trailer
outlander season 3 trailer | Image Credit: YouTube

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As per the latest edition, Outlander Season 3 trailer and official poster has been revealed. As per the trailer, the story seems beautiful and heartbreaking.

The new seasonal drama is officially wrapped. For example, the official Twitter handle of the seasonal show has already teased the end of filming. Well, if you come to know about Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, it seems they act nicely and do justice to their characters after they both look like their own characters.

outlander season 3 trailer

Well, season 3 drama series brings you some more snippets of its Starz promo. Take a look

outlander season 3 trailer | Image Credit: YouTube

As far as the production of the upcoming drama series is concerned, it’s almost done. The EP (executive producer) Matthew disclosed that he, along with his team has completed the script for the upcoming season. And all they that is left behind is the filming part.

Coming back to the Outlander season 3 trailer, let’s take a look at the synopsis of the story.

The story takes the momentum right from where it lasted. It shows how Claire travels through the stones and suffers all along to return to her life in the year 1948.

But now, she’s pregnant and has to struggle all along with the fallout and her sudden reappearance. It’s also due to her carrying the child of Jamie and anyone can predict its effect on her deteriorating marriage to Frank- her first husband.

On the other hand, Jamie has to suffer from the aftermath of the battle of Culloden along with his loss to Clarie.

outlander season 3 trailer | Image Credit: YouTube

Now, as the time passes, both Claire and Jamie have no choice but to plan their life apart from each other and both of them continue to get haunted of their lost love.

Both Jamie and Clarie are separated for long and now they must find their way back to each other. Both of them have to wait for their reunion in the presence of adventure, mystery and adversity.


Still, the question remains the same Will they be able to find each other and if Yes, how soon will they meet each other? Will they be the same who parted their ways years back?

Outlander Season 3 Release Date

After letting you know the details of oulander season 3 trailer, let’s discuss about the release date of the drama season 3. Well,  it’s going to premiere on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. ET.

In the mean time, if you want to catch up on Outlander season 2, be sure to check out our complete episode guide.



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