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Latest Bollywood News and Gossip- Who’s This Young KKR Cricketer Whom Suhana Khan Has A Crush On?

latest bollywood news and gossip

This is what we have for you in the segment of latest Bollywood news and gossip. Suhana Khan, the daughter of ShahRukh Khan seems to have fallen in love with someone you won’t believe. Well, you might have seen star kids giving you headlines every now and then as they keep busy themselves while enjoying their lives to the fullest.

latest bollywood news and gossip
latest bollywood news and gossip

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And it won’t be wrong saying that they make use of the stardom of their parents at an early stage. Due to this, it is of a common practice to see that Paparazzi remain all the time active to have glance at least or a click at least.

You might have noticed this as well in the case of little Taimur (Kareena KapoorSaif Alli Khan son) and Misha (now Misha Kapoor) that even they were not spared from media’s eyes.

latest bollywood news and gossip | Image Credit: indiatoday.in

Thanks to these little star kids for keeping media on their toes. But do you think that they are ready to accept this kind of attention? Is it safe that they should suffer all this? Well, this is not justified, of course as they are paying the price of being the star kids.

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How the star kids learn to keep an eye off to the media?

Have you ever wondered about the sentiments of little kids after they go through such a phase where they have to constantly keep an eye off from all the media hype and attention?

latest bollywood news and gossip

Well, this is somewhat very tricky and by the time they grow older, they learn how to do that. But for the initial period of time, it looks too much awkward to be in the limelight.

Let’s take the case of the recent Suhana Khan episode that has now become our latest Bollywood news and gossip.

As you know, Suhana is the daughter of superstar SRK, she is also one of the favorites among her fans, followers and well wishers. That’s the reason why people always remain crazy to know more about her, and also about her latest moves and activities, interests and everything else.

Latest Bollywood News and Gossip- Suhana has recently turned 18 years old and was spotted celebrating her birthday with all the media attention.

This time, SRK daughter is in the news for another reason. As per the latest Bollywood news and gossip, she seems to have a crush on a young cricketer from the recently concluded KKR match of current IPL team.

Can you now make a guess on the name of the cricketer before we reveal it for you? The young lady was also seen chanting with her father SRK during the ongoing IPL series matches of KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) where SRK was one of the promoters.

During the match, Suhana got a chance to meet with this young and talented guy in the IPL 2018 KKR matches. Suhana was spotted in the entire series and was also present in the IPL 2018 final as well. He plays for KKR and is a young and handsome as well.

Now, would you be able to guess who that lucky guy is?

latest bollywood news and gossip | Shubham Gill | Image Credit: YouTube

Let’s disclose it for you now. He is one of the most talented and right handed batsmen who has been successful making a plethora of fans in the recent past. Suhana is one of them in the list. He is none other than Shubman Gill who is the right handed batsman and plays for KKR.

latest bollywood news and gossip | Shubham Gill

Well, this is not yet confirmed but as we disclosed in the beginning of this section of latest Bollywood news and gossip, there are strong rumors that made us to believe that. But do you also think that they make a lovely pair like we do?

So, what your thoughts are for this new and lovely pair of celebs? Please comment.



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