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Latest Bollywood Celebrity News- Akshay, Salman and Sonakshi’s Striking Performance in HongKong


In the latest Bollywood celebrity news, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha were captured performing live in Hong Kong. The best part of the performance was that all of them looked astonishing and gave a thundered performance in the live stage show.

What to say more! Well, if you’re one of the die hard fans of superstar Salman Khan and get a chance to witness his spearheading concert, you can rest assure that the performance will soon going to be the talk of the town.

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This is what the audience were expecting after the dashing superstar arrived. Well, the most chanted Da-Bangg tour of Salman that happened in HongKong for the first time on Sunday (April 16, 2017), managed to grab headlines after his spectacular performance.

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As per the bollywood celebrity news, the duo Salman and Akshay together, danced on their favorite track “Mujse Shadi Kaogi”. As soon as both of them stepped forward to shake their legs, Sonakshi Sinha joined them and both Akshay and Salman tried to woo the actress.

In spite of the trio performing live at the concert, the audience looked as if they were never satisfied and wanted more fun. Later, when the concert was over, Sonakshi, who appeared last in Noor, didn’t take much time sharing the on Twitter. Well, the intention was to make her audience feel happy with the magic they weaved.

Earlier, Akshay Kumar looked in the mood to give a surprise to the team of Salman going to Hong Kong for the concert. Nobody knew in advance that Akshay is also going to be a part of the mega event.

Bollywood celebrity news- Akshay not to join them in forthcoming tours

As you know Akshay is (no doubt) rising high and has attained much more name and fame after winning the National Award in the category of best actor, he chose to join Salman and the others for the most awaited Da-Bangg tour on Sunday. The people applauded Akshay Kumar when he took the entry in his own style on the bike.


After the trio performed their best, the video (showing all of them) has now surfaced in the entire social media, depicting their moves on the track being played. Full marks to the crowd that looked exciting. At one point of time, it looked as if the crowd has gone crazy after Akshay took the entry. Not only this, the actor performed a few of his chartbuster songs as well.

As per the most recent bollywood celebrity news, Akki won’t be a part of all such events that are scheduled to take place in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

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