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Kristen Stewart Had Tested COVID-19 Positive In February

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Kristen Stewart is a well known Hollywood actress. The latest update coming in from her side is that she had tested positive for COVID-19 in the month of February at the time of shooting for her last movie.

The entire story was revealed by Kristen Stewart’s co star Aubrey Plaza who disclosed that Stewart had tested coronavirus positive while shooting for a film 10 months back.

To be precise, Kristan Stewart had contacted the infection from coronavirus while shooting for Holiday in St. Pittsburgh in February 2020. She also revealed that not only Stewart but many others on the sets were also tested COVID-19 positive at that time.

Aubrey Plaza further disclosed that the actress didn’t know much about the virus and its deadly effects. This is what she said, “A lot of people got sick,” around the last week of their Feb shoot while people were still getting to learn of the virus and how contagious it really was.

Even after a span of 10 months, Kristen Stewart is taking precautions and not appearing in public without any strong reason.

If you see this in broader perspective, you will come to know that many other Hollywood celebrities have also got affected with the coronavirus including Dwayne Jhonson, Tom Hanks, Robert Pattinson and many more.

Most of them have now been able to defeat their battle with coronavirus and are taking every precaution to overcome it in the future.

Talking about Kristen Stewart movies, the actress will next appear in Akira which is scheduled to release in 2021.


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